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To Be Second Best

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To Be Second Best

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Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:10.9, Y:6.3)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestShadowbringers
Feature QuestA Tearful Reunion
Experience 448,800
Gil 2,052
Previous quest
Feature QuestAn Art for the Living

Y'mhitra is eager for news of her sister.

— In-game description




This is the final job quest. Only Role Quests will be added going forward.
This quest was adjusted in Patch 5.5. If you accepted the quest prior to this, you will have to abandon and re-start it.



  • Y'mhitra is eager for news of her sister.
  • After gratefully listening to news of her sister and other recent events, Y'mhitra informs you that Summoner Jajasamu, a member of the Immortal Flames' summoner squad, would appreciate your counsel on some undisclosed matter. It seems the lieutenant is currently on leave and taking his ease at the Carline Canopy...if you have a moment or two to spare.
  • You meet with Summoner Jajasamu, and the veteran mercenary speaks of his experience fighting alongside two young folk blessed with a resistance to primal influence. He seems bothered by the thought that their presence on the front line is less a choice than an imposed duty, and would have you ask their feelings on the issue. Arenvald, the more approachable of the pair, is to be found in Rhalgr's Reach.
  • You locate Arenvald with little trouble, and together you pay a visit to Fordola's cell in the city. The ensuing exchange reveals much about the young warriors and the motivations which drive them, but the ever-bitter Fordola soon bids you leave her be. Relenting to her wishes, you and Arenvald withdraw outside to the streets of the Ala Mhigan Quarter.
  • Putting aside Arenvald's revealing sentiment at glimpsing Fordola's true feelings, it would seem you've been given an answer to Jajasamu's concerns. Return to the Carline Canopy, and report to the lieutenant.
  • Upon hearing of Arenvald and Fordola's determination, Jajasamu himself resolves to provide the finest support he can muster─even if that means becoming the “second-best summoner in Eorzea.” He bids you send his regards to Y'mhitra before going on his way.
  • You return to Y'mhitra, and although she cannot claim you as a mentor, the scholar nevertheless seems inspired by the effect you have on your colleagues. To perfect the summoner's art and encourage the hearts of others─this is the proud burden you are fated to bear.


Text changed by Patch 5.5 in italic.

SYSTEM: To accept this quest, you must abandon the summoner job quest “To Be Second Best.” Open the corresponding entry in the journal or duty list and select “Abandon.”

YMHITRA: Forename! I was just about to contact the Scions to ask after my sister, and here you are to provide a report in person! What news?
YMHITRA: ...To the First!? One of the thirteen reflections, you mean...!?
YMHITRA: I had thought my field of expertise a complicated one, but I struggle to comprehend the enormity of your tale. Still, Shtola seems to be faring well enough, and for that I am grateful.
YMHITRA: Ah, yes! Before I forget, I actually had a message to pass on to you.
YMHITRA: Do you recall Summoner Jajasamu? Formerly of the Company of Heroes and current member of the Immortal Flames' summoner squad? He commands both an Ifrit- and Titan-Egi, and is likely one of the more seasoned...ahem. Well, I am sure you remember.
YMHITRA: He is in Gridania on leave, as it happens, and asked me to direct you to the Carline Canopy should you stop by for one of your unpredictable visits.
YMHITRA: I believe he wished to consult you on some private matter... 'Twould be kind of you to lend him an ear if you've a moment or two to spare.
YMHITRA: Have you spoken with the lieutenant? I believe he wishes to speak with you summoner-to-summoner.

JAJASAMU LALASAMU: ...Bloody hells! I was just thinkin' about ye, an' there ye are! Y'mhitra had a word on me behalf, I take it? Well, let's not stand on ceremony...
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: I'll not mince words with ye─I need some advice concernin' summoners in mortal combat.
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: They tell me ye've a special nature what prevents primals from enthrallin' yer mind.
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: So what I want to know is, what's yer thinkin' on bein' sent out to the front lines every time a beast tribe scrapes together a pile o' crystals?

What will you say?

> That's just the way of things.

> I'm happy to be able to help.

JAJASAMU LALASAMU: Such is yer fate, ye mean? So ye give in to the inevitable, and fight because it's yer duty to do so?
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: Well, that's one way o' lookin' at it. Me, I'm in it for the coin─have been ever since I sold me spells with the Company o' Heroes.
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: Most o' the soldiers I march with ain't much different. We're happy to put our lives on the line as long as there's a purse waitin' for us at the end o' the day. The pair what joined in on our last skirmish, there's a whole 'nother story.
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: Ye've heard of Arenvald an' Fordola, aye?
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: The lad's one o' the Scions, same as you. No mystery there.
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: As for the lass...she's a bit more complicated. Former officer in the imperial army, captured by the Resistance an' steps away from the noose. Fightin' for Ala Mhigo as a conscript now, which is the only reason she's still breathin'.
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: Barely more'n sprouts, the both of 'em, an' they was deployed with the Flames to assist with downin' Ifrit.
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: From what I hear, they share yer resistance to primal influence. An' that's why─that's the whole reason they had the dubious honor of standin' in the thick o' the flames.
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: Meanwhile, me an' me fellow summoners was cowerin' in the shadows, sendin' out our egi to support these youngsters what've seen less than forty summers between 'em.
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: Can't say I cared much for the experience. It bothered me to think they was bein' made to fight a battle what weren't theirs, just because o' who they are.
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: Do ye think ye could talk to 'em for me? Ask how they feel about the whole thing? Yer about the only person I can turn to...
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: Me thanks. Ye'll find Arenvald in Rhalgr's Reach, an' he'll know where to find Fordola. I'll tell him to meet you by the aetheryte.
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: Arenvald was in Rhalgr's Reach last I heard. If ye could ask 'em me questions, it'd sure help me sleep at night...

ARENVALD: Forename, I heard you had returned from Jajasamu! What can I do for our honored champion?
ARENVALD: Jajasamu said that...? Aye, we joined them against Ifrit, but I'd thought him more annoyed by our presence than concerned for our well-being.
ARENVALD: Hm, why don't I save you some time and include Fordola in this conversation. We can visit her in her cell over in the city.

Arenvald: Fair morn to you, Fordola.
Fordola: ...You again? And I see you've brought company. What is it now?
Fordola: My thoughts on fighting primals? Is that what you came all the way here to ask me about?
Arenvald: I fight because I like the idea that I can help others─the feeling that my presence is needed. Not hard to explain, considering how my own mother decided she didn't want me around.
Arenvald: And then there was that nightmare at the Waking Sands... A'aba and Aulie gave their lives to save mine, and I strive to be the sort of man whose life was worth saving.
Fordola: How very honorable. But no such lofty ideals rule my actions.
Fordola: My own will doesn't come into it. Fighting was part of the deal when they conscripted me with the other convicts─I follow orders, and I get to live. And if I died on the battlefield...? No one would shed a tear.
Arenvald: Don't say that! You think I'd be glad to see you killed!?
Fordola: Hmph. You'd be about the only person who wasn't.
Fordola: And what about you, hero? You're usually the first one they throw into the dragon's maw. Let's hear what battles you've been made to fight.
Fordola: You're saying you were involved in the affairs of a man who had passed through the rift between worlds? Someone who's been wandering as a ghost for a hundred years...?
Fordola: I'm not sure if you're the realm's greatest champion...or the realm's greatest liar.
Arenvald: I believe you, Forename, and want to follow the path you walk. Even if I could never hope to carry the same burdens, I can at least work towards having a sturdier back!
Arenvald: Speaking of burdens, you know a little something about that, don't you, Fordola? You weren't fighting for yourself, after all, but for your comrades. We are not so diff─
Fordola: Don't pretend my “gift” is anything like yours.
Fordola: I wanted it─asked for it, even─but got more burden than I bargained for. How many souls were sacrificed for that research? No, the power they gave me was tainted from the beginning.
Fordola: But if I can do some good with it, then maybe they didn't die for naught.
Fordola: Satisfied? Then leave me be. I've got training to do...

GUARDS: If you're waiting for the lad in silver armor, he should be out of there soon.

ARENVALD: She still snarls like a chained dog...
ARENVALD: Amidst all that growling, though, she gave us a glimpse of her true self. Enough that I'll know when to lend a shoulder, even if she wouldn't let me see her suffering...
ARENVALD: N-Now don't be getting the wrong idea! Same age, same homeland─I can't help but care a little about what happens to her!
ARENVALD: A-Anyway, I have my own training to think of. Give my regards to Summoner Jajasamu!

JAJASAMU LALASAMU: Ye've been to see them two youngsters, then?
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: Huh... So, that's the way of it, eh?
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: Well, I shouldn't be surprised considerin' the example they've been given to follow.
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: An' now that I know how they're approachin' these fights, I can adjust me own tactics accordingly. One's passionate, an' the other's reckless, so they'll both need some watchful support.
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: I'll do what I can to stand in for ye, though I doubt I'll ever replace ye. Aye, they'll call me “the second-best summoner in Eorzea”─how's that for humble!?
JAJASAMU LALASAMU: Right, I think it's past time I was on me way. Give me best to Y'mhitra, Forename, an' thanks for humorin' me request!

YMHITRA: Everything went well with the lieutenant, I trust?.
YMHITRA: I won't pry into the details, but I am glad to see you looking so content.
YMHITRA: To master summoning is an arduous journey, yet I imagine the going is made far smoother with a mentor such as you. I am somewhat envious of your younger colleagues.
YMHITRA: And if I am to mirror their progress, I must not allow my own scholarly research to fall by the wayside! Good day to you, Forename!