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Duty and the Beast

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Duty and the Beast

Quest giver
Broken Mountain
Upper La Noscea (X:30, Y:22)

Experience 48,360
Gil 1,439
Previous quest
Better Axe Around
Next quest
The Bear Necessity

Broken Mountain seems to have reservations about digging deeper into this newfound knowledge.

— In-game description



  • Before he will share his latest findings regarding Mythril Heart with you, Broken Mountain asks you to accompany Curious Gorge to the Coerthas central highlands and slay a fearsome beast. Though it appears to be unrelated to his research, Broken Mountain assures you that this request is of the utmost importance. Rendezvous with him at the Weeping Saint and see the deed done.
  • While defending his brother from the beast's sudden attack, Curious Gorge succumbs to his inner beast, and you have no choice but to subdue him. As you land your final blow, your own inner beast rouses from its slumber with such ferocity that you lose consciousness momentarily. Afterwards, Broken Mountain forbids his brother from assisting you further in your quest, for fear of him losing control again. Though clearly distressed, Curious Gorge accepts his brother's judgment. Rest and visit Broken Mountain in Camp Bronze Lake when you are ready to continue your conversation.
  • Merely recalling your duel with Curious Gorge causes your inner beast to stir─a revelation which leads Broken Mountain to remember a passage he came across in his research: “Only the flames of animosity may temper a warrior's soul.” He interprets this to mean that the inner beast stirs when a warrior faces an opponent who pushes him to surpass his physical and mental limits, and that only in that moment can he attain mastery of new techniques. Believing this to be the means by which the heroes of eld achieved their legendary feats, he implores you to challenge yourself as they did.