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The Crate Beyond

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The Crate Beyond

Pictomancer quest image1.png
Quest giver
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:25.8, Y:16.4)
Experience ?
Gil 1,011
Previous quest
Feature QuestPerspectives in Pursuit
Next quest
Feature QuestBeruru's Clues

Kupopo is examining you a little too closely.

— In-game description


  • Open the Kupopo-sized sack at the designated location.
  • Speak with the cheery Confederate at Sakazuki.
  • Use the ogre crab bait at the designated locations and obtain their shells.
  • Deliver the ogre crab shells to the cautious Confederate.
  • Deliver the saltworn crate to the aidless trader.


  • Kupopo is examining you a little too closely.
  • Before departing Camp Dragonhead, the cheerful Hearer introduces you to an Ishgardian knight─the very knight you helped save. While the knight is eager to express his gratitude, he regrets to inform you that neither he nor his comrades stationed along the border have seen anyone matching Beruru's description. As the two take their leave, Kupopo declares Kugane to be your next destination. Since you have been there before and presumably attuned to the local aetheryte, he invites you to stuff him in a hempen sack so that you may teleport there with him in tow.
  • Liberated from his sack, Kupopo recalls his time in Kugane, and listens intently as you explain the circumstances behind your initial journey to the Far East. Your reminiscence is interrupted by a distraught art trader, whose crate of goods was tossed overboard during his voyage from Ul'dah. Assuming it did not sink into the depths, the tides have likely carried the crate into the Ruby Sea, and given your cordial relationship with the Confederacy, you are the trader's best hope of recovering it. Consulting with the pirates of Sakazuki would be a reasonable first step.
  • You converse with a pair of Confederates who claim to have found the crate you seek. Though they assert it is theirs by rights now, they are willing to hand it over should you best the cheery Confederate in a shell-gathering competition. Whoever hunts the most ogre crabs─and collects more of their shells─shall be crowned the victor. With bait in hand, you set off in pursuit of the crustaceans.
  • You have exhausted your supply of bait and collected what shells you could. The cautious Confederate stands ready to count your spoils and declare a victor.
  • Upon hearing the results of your contest, the Confederates concede defeat and relinquish the saltworn crate. The aidless trader awaits your arrival by the Sekisegumi Barracks and should be pleased to see his precious prize on dry land once more.
  • It transpires that the crate contains one of Janquetilaque's many masterpieces, and Kupopo is keen to learn how the trader obtained such a coveted piece. Unfortunately, as the trader tells it, Beruru auctioned off a collection of her deceased master's works, and is believed to have taken her own life once all were sold. A devastated Kupopo asks that you give him some time to process this tragic revelation before you resume your journey...
    • ※The next pictomancer quest will be available from Kupopo upon reaching level 88.