Master and Student

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Master and Student

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Quest giver
Eastern La Noscea (X:5.9, Y:6.1)
Experience 46,800
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Crow Knows
Next quest
Feature QuestStrangers in a Strange Land
Feature QuestA Relic Reborn (Yoshimitsu)

After much soul-searching, Oboro has reached a resolution.

— In-game description




While the chest piece is the last part of your Artifact Armor, the coffer contents are Mythology Armor, Item Level 90 former tomestone gear that is a recolor of your Artifact Armor. The coffer was added to this quest with the launch of Stormblood.

The quest coordinates are deceiving - you actually need to find the dock storehouse and talk to Byakubu at (X:21.2 Y:26.6) to enter, then you are teleported to the quest location.



  • After much soul-searching, Oboro has reached a resolution.
  • Oboro politely expresses his gratitude for the assistance you offered in his mission before abruptly informing you that he and his fellow Domans will be journeying on from Eorzea. As a final favor, he has asked you to watch over the recovering Tsubame while he pays one last visit to the place in Eorzea most special to him.
  • Tsubame's wounds have healed impressively, leading her to surmise that Karasu manipulated his attack on her primarily for visual effect. She is more concerned for Oboro, who she feels is hiding his true feelings from her. Seek him out at his favorite Eorzean haunt, Fool Falls in upper La Noscea.
  • Initially taken aback at your presence, Oboro soon confesses his true feelings to you. His battle with Karasu has left the shinobi a changed man. No longer willing or able to repress his true self, he has chosen to forsake obligation in favor of following his own heart's desire, which urges him to seek out the truth behind the traitor he hunted for so long. Prepared to face the answer he fears the most, he has resolved to undertake this final mission alone, insisting that Tsubame and you have sacrificed enough on his behalf. No sooner does he leave than Tsubame steps out from the shadows, looking very concerned at his words.
  • Oboro's words confirm Tsubame's worst fear: that he means to seek out and confront Master Gekkai alone, even if it means sacrificing his life. She explains that she, too, has come to a resolution─to fight at Oboro's side─and has no intention of being denied. Recalling the dying Karasu's last words, Tsubame suggests that you make for Candlekeep Quay and question the guards about any happenings of note in the area.
  • According to Zahrmerl, everything is quiet on the quay, save for talk of a small private vessel scheduled to arrive in port at the break of dawn. Though it appears that Oboro is already in the area, Tsubame deems it too dangerous to search for him and attempt to make contact at this time, preferring to observe the area from a safe distance until Master Gekkai shows himself. Take up position on the promontory above the quay and keep lookout for any suspicious movements.
  • Karasu's tale─Oboro's worst fears─is confirmed as true when the Garlean espionage unit commander who sailed into Candlekeep Quay is indeed revealed to be none other than Master Gekkai. *Confronted by his former pupil, Gekkai shows no remorse, coolly explaining how he made a simple decision to seek out a stronger master, while at the same time guaranteeing the safety of his village over that of countless Doman commonfolk that were of no import to him. Incensed by his one-time master's callous disdain for the nation he called home, Oboro draws his blade and swears vengeance, and together you, he, and Tsubame defeat the shinobi master. After the battle, Karasu returns from his self-staged death to bequeath to you the final piece of your ninja garb, and to Oboro the soul stone that will allow him to go home to a hero's welcome, before walking off to parts unknown. His long mission finally at an end, Oboro returns to the dock storehouse. Meet him there to say your farewells.
  • Upon returning to the storehouse, Oboro imparts to you a final ninjutsu technique, Kassatsu. While the two shinobi initially intended to return home together, Oboro has decided to remain behind to continue his study of Eorzean culture, in hopes of bringing new schools of thought back to his home. From your experiences traveling with Oboro and Tsubame and fighting at their side, it would seem that the future of the village is in good hands.