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Slap an' Chop

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Slap an' Chop

Quest giver
Broken Mountain
Upper La Noscea (X:30, Y:22)
Experience 53,040
Gil 697
Previous quest
How to Train Your Warrior
Next quest
And My Axe

Broken Mountain has something urgent to discuss with you.

— In-game description






  • Speak with Curious Gorge.
  • Speak with Curious Gorge again.
  • Rouse Curious Gorge's courage with a /slap.
  • Speak with the storm captain at Zelma's Run.
  • Speak with the storm private and slay any kobolds that appear.
  • Rescue the storm private.
  • Speak with Curious Gorge.
  • Report to Broken Mountain at Camp Bronze Lake.


  • Broken Mountain, impressed with your progress, gives word that the Maelstrom is once again in need of extra bodies to aid in another operation against the beast tribes. Wheiskaet and Curious Gorge have visited Camp Bronze Lake seeking volunteers, and have asked for you by name. Speak with Curious Gorge to hear what it is Limsa Lominsa requires.
  • Wheiskaet informs you that Maelstrom scouts have reported that kobolds of the 179th Order are tirelessly producing bombs in preparation for an all-out assault on Camp Bronze Lake. Maelstrom troops hope to intercept the bombs at Zelma's Run before they can do any damage, and Wheiskaet asks the aid of the two fiercest warriors he knows. Once again, Curious Gorge is afraid of his inner beast taking hold, especially in such a confined area, but Broken Mountain insists that this will be the ideal situation for Gorge to establish his dominance over the beast within. Curious Gorge asks to be alone and leaves, while Wheiskaet gives you the details of the Maelstrom operation. Speak with the despondent Curious Gorge once more before heading off to Zelma's Run and see if he can be convinced to join in on the fight.
  • You find Curious Gorge looking crestfallen in one of the camp's hot springs. He admits that his brother is right, and that the correct path is plain, but can't seem to shake his fear of being overcome by the inner beast. He comes up with a last, desperate strategy: you must /slap him with all the strength you can muster, hopefully driving the cowardice from him for good.
  • Your slap rouses Curious Gorge out of his slump, and he stands straight as if a warrior reborn. Determined to show the kobolds no quarter, he rushes to meet the storm captain at Zelma's Run. Follow him and rendezvous with the rest of the troops. Speak with the storm captain when you are ready to start the Maelstrom's next operation.
  • You arrive at the entrance to Zelma's Run to see the same storm captain from your operation against the Serpent Reavers along with two other Maelstrom troops and Curious Gorge, who is dressed proudly in his warrior's garb. You have been assigned to intercept the 179th Order kobolds on the east side of the valley. Ready your axe and speak with the Maelstrom troop at your assigned area, but be on the lookout for any signs of kobolds.
  • In his haste, the storm private assigned as your partner falls victim to a kobold ambush. When you run to his aid, the kobolds attempt to swarm you and the storm private, but your axe cuts them down one after the other. With the kobolds of the 179th Order slain or scattered, check on the storm private to see that his wounds are not severe.
  • The storm private's wounds are but light, and there are no remaining kobolds in sight. The defense of the eastern side of Zelma's Run is a success. Check with Curious Gorge to the west for news of their progress.
  • It seems Curious Gorge and the other Maelstrom troops had no trouble in intercepting and dispatching the kobolds on the western side of Zelma's Run. The storm captain gives particular credit to Curious Gorge's ferocity in battle, and promises to give high praise in his report to Maelstrom Command. After the others return home, Curious Gorge tells you he was finally able to fight with abandon without succumbing to his inner beast. Nevertheless, he still doubts his own ability to maintain control in a more pitched battle. Curious Gorge returns to Camp Bronze Lake to rest, and asks you to give word of your victory to Broken Mountain upon your return.
  • Broken Mountain is pleased that his brother was able to fight to his fullest, but disheartened by the news of his brother's continuing self-doubt. There is little time to consider the matter, however, as Wheiskaet brings news that Storm Marshal Slafyrsyn is seeking the aid of capable warriors to help defend Limsa Lominsa from the Sahagin menace. Broken Mountain suggests that if you were to succeed in this operation, it might lift the reputation of the warriors out of obscurity and into Eorzean history books. Continue your training in preparation for what promises to be the most critical test of your strength yet.