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How to Train Your Warrior

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How to Train Your Warrior

Quest giver
Storm Captain
Western La Noscea (X:2, Y:2)
Experience 25,740
Gil 631
Previous quest
Pirates of Shallow Water
Next quest
Slap an' Chop

The storm captain would hear more of your battle.

— In-game description





  • Your fighting has inspired the Maelstrom outfit, and each member will take lessons from the battle back with them. With the operation against the Serpent Reavers coming to a successful close, the troops will report to Maelstrom Command. Bring word of your operation at the Isles of Umbra to Broken Mountain at Camp Bronze Lake.
  • Broken Mountain is reassured at your safe return, and surprised that such weak foes were able to awaken the inner beast so fiercely that you learned a new technique. He informs you that Curious Gorge is recovering from recent injuries suffered during his latest operation against the kobolds. Visit Curious Gorge and exchange battle stories in the relaxing hot springs.
  • You learn that Curious Gorge was injured in an operation against the kobolds after throwing himself on top of a bomb with more destructive capability than any that have been seen from the kobolds before. Despite the strength of the bomb, Curious Gorge's wounds are relatively light, and he is on the road to make a full recovery. Broken Mountain makes the connection between his brother's story and yours, and surmises that the key to taming the inner beast might lie in the resolve to protect the lives of one's allies.
  • However, while Broken Mountain is eager to test his theory by having his brother challenge a powerful adversary as you did, Curious Gorge remains fearful that the beast within will overcome him. The troubled warrior asks you let him think on this dilemma in peace. It seems Broken Mountain has some words he would like to share with you before you depart. Visit him to get his read on the situation.
  • Broken Mountain's theory is that the inner beast is roused in the heat of battle, and tamed when a warrior resolves to protect the lives of his allies. If he is correct, then his brother will no longer have to fear losing control, so long as he fights to protect those he holds dear. However, if Curious Gorge does lose control again, someone must have the strength to bring him back from the brink of bloodlust. Continue your training so that Curious Gorge can swing his axe without hesitation during his next battle.