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Somewhere Only She Knows

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Somewhere Only She Knows

Pictomancer quest image1.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:8.2, Y:12.2)
Experience ?
Gil 2,554
Previous quest
Feature QuestBeruru's Clues

Kupopo heartily nods in your general direction.

— In-game description




  • Speak with Kupopo by the Jadeite Flood.
  • Speak with Kupopo.
  • Speak with Kupopo again.
  • Speak with Beruru.


  • Kupopo heartily nods in your general direction.
  • Kupopo's trip down memory lane has yielded little success in your absence. As he reflects once more on his falling-out with Beruru, however, an answer abruptly comes to him: Beruru has become part of the painting. Though what Kupopo means by this is unclear, he promises to explain everything soon. First, however, you must join him on a final journey, and to that end you must meet the moogle at the Jadeite Flood.
  • At the Jadeite Flood, Kupopo tells you that Janquetilaque met his end protecting his fellow patients at the Warmwine Sanitorium, mere days before Kupopo and Beruru returned from their first adventure without him. Beruru was distraught, and in a moment of poor judgment, the moogle tried to encourage her by stating she could─and should─stand on her own two feet as a pictomancer. Beruru, however, responded with anger, leading to an argument which culminated in the two parting ways. Kupopo further explains that Beruru is an exceptionally gifted pictomancer that can imbue her creations with life─and alter the living as well. He now believes that, in a fit of grief, Beruru sealed herself within the painting─the last remnant of Janquetilaque's memory─and bids you enter the world of the painting to save her.
  • You discover an elaborate dreamscape within the painting, and at its heart a captive Beruru. She lives, but is trapped within a prison of her own creation, with an illusion of Janquetilaque as her gaoler. Scoffing at Kupopo's declaration that he is no more a shade, he refuses to release her, and considers you, the inheritor of his soul crystal, to be a poor imitation incapable of defeating the master. It falls to you to strike him down and set Beruru free.
  • With the illusion of Janquetilaque vanquished, Beruru comes to her senses and is finally reunited with Kupopo. The two must soon be parted, however, as Kupopo reveals his true nature: he has long guarded Beruru as her imaginary friend made manifest. The young pictomancer is reluctant to leave her fantasy behind, but you and the moogle persuade her to face the world once more. Kupopo bids his final farewell to you and Beruru as you return to the Jadeite Flood.
  • Kupopo's aether has returned to Beruru, and with it, the memories of your time together with the moogle. Inspired by your selfless deeds, she thanks you for accompanying her dearest friend, and chooses to embark on a journey of her own, that she might aid others as you have aided her. In Kupopo's memory─and for the sake of others you may yet save─you vow to uphold the ways of the pictomancer and paint the world with hope.