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One Autumn's Secret

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One Autumn's Secret

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Quest giver
The Fringes (X:8.4, Y:11.0)
Experience 105,000
Gil 1,995
Previous quest
Masked Motives
Next quest
Sleeping Truths Lie

Sanson is poised to pounce upon Nourval.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Nourval.
  • Join Sanson outside Castrum Oriens.
  • Join Guydelot on the chase.
  • Speak with Sanson.
  • Defeat Nourval!
  • Speak with Sanson.


  • Sanson is poised to pounce upon Nourval.
  • Following extended surveillance, Sanson and Guydelot are confident that Nourval is in league with the masked bandits. In order to catch the man redhanded, Sanson has contrived to lure him out of the castrum with his guard lowered. Find Nourval inside the stronghold and lead him into thinking that the way is clear.
  • You inform Nourval that your two comrades are tied up, and the man takes the bait and hastens away. Join Sanson outside the castrum.
  • Sanson is pleased that his ploy has worked, and even now Guydelot shadows Nourval to his destination. Make your way to the ruin called Gyr Kehim to the northeast and join your fellow bard on the chase.
  • You catch Nourval meeting with the masked bandits, who have found the tome you seek─the journal of the Ala Mhigan general Gylbarde. Eavesdropping on their conversation, you learn their true purpose: stoking the fires of anti-Ala Mhigan sentiment. Determined not to let this come to pass, your party confronts Nourval's, and at the end of a fierce confrontation, you emerge the victor and with the journal in your hands.
  • The defeated Nourval flees the scene, but not before revealing that he is descended from Vainchelon. And in turn, the journal reveals that Vainchelon did not die of illness as is believed, but rather was poisoned by Gylbarde at a secret meeting. The revelation comes as a shock to Sanson and Guydelot, who worry what may happen should the truth be made public knowledge. There is clearly much to mull over; for now, return to Castrum Oriens with your comrades.
  • Back at Castrum Oriens, Sanson shares with you further details from the journal. It appears that one of Vainchelon's sons was present at the deadly meeting, and he alone managed to escape with his life. But rather than tell of events as they happened, he kept the truth of his sire's demise a secret. Even as the man's motive boggles him, Sanson must turn his attention to his own dilemma: deciding what to do with Gylbarde's journal. Though he knows in his mind that the truth is best kept buried, in his heart he is not wholly convinced, and begs you for more time to consider the matter.
    • ※The next bard quest will be available from Sanson upon reaching level 68.


  • When you first start the battle it will be Nourval, a Bowman, and a Lancer. Go for the Bowmen first as they will auto target you, then take care of the Lancer targeting Guydelot, and let Sanson tank and distract Nourval. Once you have taken care of the extra enemies then go for Nourval.
  • If Sanson dies this it's best to run around in a giant circle as you attack him to dodge as much of his attacks as possible.
  • After a while a second set of Bowmen and Lancers will appear. Go for the Bowmen first as their Poison abilities do stack. Use The Warden's Paean if things get a little rough for you. Then go for the Lancers, then back to Nourval. You'll notice that the Bowmen now focus on Sanson and will auto target him. They will start to target you after you do some damage to them so you will need to be quick to take them out. The Lancers will still go for Gudyelot.
  • A 3rd and final set of Bowmen and Lancers will appear, this works the same as before, however, Nourval will do a new attack. It's a two part AOE, starts as a normal Circle AOE, then right after that goes off, an AOE ring will appear around where that circle was. Stay close to the circle so after the attack you can quickly enter the safe zone.