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Machinists for the Morrow

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Machinists for the Morrow

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Quest giver
Foundation (X:8.1, Y:10.1)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestShadowbringers
Feature QuestCourage Born of Fear
Experience 448,800
Gil 1,693
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Mongrel and the Knight

Stephanivien and his prospectometer are once more focused upon you.

— In-game description




This is the final job quest. Only Role Quests will be added going forward.



  • Stephanivien and his prospectometer are once more focused upon you.
  • No sooner do you set foot in the manufactory when Stephanivien makes a sudden request. It would seem that Joye is once again slipping away on mysterious outings and acting in a generally suspicious manner. Concerned for her well-being, Stephanivien sends you out to Saint Reinette's Forum to observe his right-hand woman's behavior. Discreetly, of course.
  • After witnessing an obviously planned meeting between Joye and Hilda, you are approached by Ser Muscadain. According to the Temple Knight, the unlikely pair has been seen making trips together to Falcon's Nest. Stephanivien will wish to hear of this...
  • You make your report to Stephanivien, and the manufactory chief's surprise quickly turns to confused curiosity. Unable to make sense of the pairing or the destination, Stephanivien proposes a trip to Falcon's Nest for a spot of good old-fashioned reconnaissance.
  • Within moments, Stephanivien has gathered enough information to point the two of you in the direction of the Black Iron Bridge. It seems Joye and Hilda's expeditions often take them out into the snow-covered wilds...
  • The sound of shots ringing in the air leads you right to where Joye and Hilda are attempting─albeit unsuccessfully─to develop new machinist techniques. Not wishing to disrespect their struggle for independent learning, Stephanivien elects to support their efforts indirectly. After some discussion, it is decided that you will inspire them with a completely coincidental
  • You have defeated the charging brute with the appropriate panache. Rendezvous with Stephanivien back near the Black Iron Bridge.
  • You rejoin Stephanivien by the bridge, and he commends you on your masterful performance before urging a swift return to the manufactory. Your work here is done.
  • Even as Stephanivien praises you again for a job well done, Joye and Hilda make their entrance. It soon becomes clear that your attempts to provide subtle assistance were not quite as subtle as you believed. Despite their exasperation, however, the two ladies are nonetheless grateful for the nudge in the right direction. Joye and Hilda give their thanks and take their leave, promising to carry on the evolution of the machinist profession. Once more have your remarkable deeds proven the unerring accuracy of Stephanivien's internal prospectometer.