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AST StB quest image1.png
Quest giver
Kugane (X:13.2, Y:12.9)
Experience 216,000
Gil 2,500
Previous quest
Behind Door Number Two
Next quest
Love, Astrologically

Kyokuho appears frantic...and Master Murakumo is nowhere to be found.

— In-game description







  • Kyokuho appears frantic...and Master Murakumo is nowhere to be found.
  • Murakumo has yet to return from his survey of the southerly shrine, and Kyokuho has a bad feeling that his master may be in grave danger. Hurry to Rakusui Gardens and search the area.
  • Murakumo was not to be found in Rakusui Gardens. Kyokuho suggests you next visit the westerly shrine on the Short Pier.
  • You and Kyokuho arrive to find the aged master clutching a wound suffered at the hands of one of Kinko's minions. Murakumo pleads with his pupil to allow him to be the sacrifice that seals the barrier for good, but before any vital humours are spilled, Lady Leveva appears seemingly out of nowhere to offer a solution that will conveniently save the day, without having to resort to bloodshed. Hurry with Leveva and Kyokuho to Kugane Castle to set the lady's plan in motion.
  • Following a heated battle that takes you through the heart of Kugane, Kinko is finally defeated, her spirit cleansed and her anger quelled.
  • A new barrier has been erected using energies drawn from both land and heavens. With Kugane safe, Kyokuho must decide where his journey shall take him next. Speak with the geomancer atop Tasogare Bridge.
  • The prophecy has been fulfilled─friends new and old having joined to overcome disaster and achieve hope and new knowledge. One day, maybe the star-crossed companions' paths will cross again.
    • ※The next astrologian quest will be available from Jannequinard once you have met the following requirements:
    • ※ You must have registered a product key for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers to your service account.
    • ※ You must have completed the main scenario quest “Shadowbringers.”
    • ※ You must have completed the role quest “The Soul of Temperance.”