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Blue in the Face

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Blue in the Face

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.5, Y:13.0)
Blue Mage
Learn Exuviation.png  Exuviation
Experience 13,260
Gil 1,176
Previous quest
Feature QuestBolt from the Blue
Next quest
Feature QuestBlue Scream of Death

Martyn is desperately trying to take his mind off of the impending match with Siegfried.

— In-game description


Exuviation.png  Exuviation is available via:

Creature Level Race Clan Location
Abalathian Wamoura 50-58 Wamoura The Sea of Clouds (9,17)
Wamoura 50 Vilekin Wamoura Dungeon creature The Lost City of Amdapor



  • Martyn is desperately trying to take his mind off of the impending match with Siegfried.
  • Martyn, in spite of his upcoming match with a Coliseum gladiator, has instead thrown himself into researching the applications of blue magic. He is particularly interested to know how well the spells he has mastered will keep a party of blue mages fighting fit while exploring dangerous locations, such as Copperbell Mines, which he plans to visit. A recent increase in hecatoncheir activity has made the mineral excavation site too hazardous for the workers to enter, and Martyn aims to quell the uprising, test his theories, and train P'yandih and Nutiba Buntiba, all in one fell swoop. His two young apprentices have been told to wait for you in the nearby settlement of Horizon, with the mines a short distance away.
  • In Horizon, P'yandih explains that she has already visited Copperbell Mines on several occasions. Nutiba Buntiba, on the other hand, lacks her experience, but has made efforts to study the layout of the tunnels. Martyn, meanwhile, has next to no knowledge of the mines, having never been there himself and neglecting to gather any information beforehand. However, Nutiba's motto of “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” seems to have struck a chord with him. Martyn leads the party across the plains of western Thanalan to the site of the proposed hecatoncheir hunt.
  • To the surprise of all, the first opponent to greet the party is not a hecatoncheir, but a winged voidsent. Martyn and his two students have already slain the beast by the time you arrive, and since you were too late to join the battle, you are nominated to search the area for a similar creature that has escaped them and poses a threat to the people of Horizon.
  • You soon discover the voidsent hovering ominously a short distance from the mine, and despite its determination to rip you into bite-sized meaty chunks, it finally succumbs to your blue magic. You return to report the outcome of your battle to Martyn and the others, who are still attempting to unravel the mystery of what exactly has occurred here.
  • Martyn comes to the realization that the voidsent are identical to those used in the Masked Carnivale, and the question as to how this could have happened is soon answered when Fyrgeiss and his son Zirnberk burst forth from the mine. They had released voidsent into the tunnels as a means of eradicating the hecatoncheires that had invaded Copperbell Mines, a task which would normally fall to the Stone Torches. Having learned of Fyrgeiss's whereabouts from his underlings, Royse arrives on the scene to berate him for taking the voidsent from the Celestium's menagerie. He responds by claiming that his recent investment gives him the right to use the creatures as he pleases. Royse emphasizes that in spite of the financial backing she has received, her position remains unchanged, sparking a vitriolic exchange between her and Fyrgeiss. Martyn interjects to suggest that rather than using voidsent, Amajina & Sons could instead hire the Blue Mages' Guild to protect their property. When this proposal is cruelly thrown back in his face, he quickly changes tack by offering a wager based on the outcome of his match with Zirnberk. In the event that he loses, control of the Celestium would pass to Fyrgeiss, and the use of voidsent as living weapons would be allowed to continue. Should Martyn win the contest, Royse would remain as owner and the Blue Mages' Guild would enter the employ of Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern. Though Royse is aghast at the idea of placing her livelihood in Martyn's less-than-reliable hands, Fyrgeiss willingly accepts, assured that his son will emerge the victor. Having said more than enough for one day, your mentor decides against making the situation any worse than it already is by retiring to Ul'dah to prepare for his highly anticipated battle.
  • Back at the Blue Mages' Guild, Martyn's bravado does little to set Royse's mind at ease, and it seems that she is all but resigned to losing the Celestium. Martyn's preparations for the fight seem to extend only to asking that you be ready to stand in for him, in the not-as-unlikely-as-one-might-think event that he would be prevented from participating. Being in the habit of asking you to learn specific blue magic spells, he instructs you to master Frog Legs. Strangely enough, this is a technique for drawing the enemy's attention, which is seldom an issue in the arena, though as Martyn points out, the day may soon arrive that you have a chance to use it, should the guild ever enter the employ of Amajina & Sons.
    • ※The next blue mage quest will be available from Martyn upon reaching level 60 and learning Frog Legs.