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The Bear Necessity

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The Bear Necessity

Quest giver
Broken Mountain
Upper La Noscea (X:30, Y:22)
Experience 49,920
Gil 1,497
Previous quest
Duty and the Beast
Next quest
Pirates of Shallow Water

Broken Mountain has some concerns about his brother.

— In-game description







  • Broken Mountain gives news of Curious Gorge, who has joined the Maelstrom's defensive operations against the kobolds in hopes of training against live enemies. Even though he wants nothing more than to improve, it seems his fear of losing control once again is keeping him from fighting with all his strength. In order to serve as an example to Curious Gorge, and future warriors, Broken Mountain tells you to follow in Mythril Heart's footsteps by hunting the fearsome grizzly bears inhabiting Abalathia's Spine. Go to Tailfeather in the Dravanian forelands and ask the hunters there for any information that might help you track down these colossal creatures.
  • The hunters at Tailfeather share stories of the massive grizzlies, none of them encouraging. One hunter begrudgingly informs you that some have been known to lure the bears out with Whilom salmon, which can be found at the northwestern part of the Whilom River. Go to the riverbanks and gather any fish you can find.
  • The hunter's advice was sound, and you have found enough fish to draw one of the beasts out from hiding. Go to the Hundred Throes and use the Whilom salmon to draw a grizzly out, then slay one of them in its watering hole.
  • You have defeated a fearsome Whilom grizzly, as Mythril Heart before you, and the pitched battle awakens your inner beast from its slumber. Return to Camp Bronze Lake and inform Broken Mountain of your deeds.
  • Upon returning to Camp Bronze Lake, Curious Gorge enthusiastically informs you of the Maelstrom's successful defense against the kobold attacks, and returns to train for his next mission. However, Wheiskaet has a different story. Although the operation succeeded, it seems Curious Gorge remains frightened of losing control in battle. With the beast tribes growing bolder by the day, there is little hope for the Maelstrom to take warriors seriously if Curious Gorge continues to underperform. Broken Mountain will continue to do research into how to tame the inner beast and encourages you to continue your training in preparation for the next step.