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The Stiff and the Spent

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The Stiff and the Spent

Quest giver
Foundation (X:10, Y:11)

Experience 52,800
Gil 676
Previous quest
On the Road Again
Next quest
Requiem on Ice

Irritation is writ plain on Sanson's face.

— In-game description




  • Lie in wait at the specified location and defeat any enemies that appear.


  • Irritation is writ plain on Sanson's face.
  • In annoyed tones, Sanson informs you that Guydelot is about to bring scandal upon your fellowship. Apparently, a local maiden ruffled his bard's pride when she told him that her sweetheart is fairer of voice than he is, and he has impulsively left the city in order to settle matters with the man─a knight of Ishgard. Sanson bids you come with him to Falcon's Nest, that you might stop Guydelot from doing something regrettable.
  • The knight in question is currently on patrol. Upon learning this, Guydelot struck out into the wilderness of the western highlands in order to find him. Sanson suggests that the two of you split up and track down the unpredictable bard. Focus your search on the area of Twinpools.
  • Contrary to expectation, you find Guydelot not confronting the knight, but helping him and his fellows fend off ferocious fiends. Assuring you that the situation is under control, he bids you tend to another horde of fiends beyond the rocky outcropping to the north.
  • You have defeated the fiends. Make your way back to Guydelot's location.
  • It is revealed that Guydelot's purpose in seeking the knight was not to challenge him, but rather, to deliver a nameday present and message from his sweetheart. Deeply grateful, the knight, Ser Alamenain, offers to assist in your search for the Ballad of Oblivion. He tells you of a woman who is said to send souls unto the heavens with a song, and believes that this song may be what you seek. With matters now settled after a fashion, make your way back to Falcon's Nest and rejoin Sanson.
  • Sanson takes Guydelot to task for his willful ways, but the bard does not seem especially repentant. While your two traveling companions continue inquiring after the Ballad of Oblivion, you must maintain your strength for the journey to come.



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