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Gunblades of the Patriots

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Gunblades of the Patriots

Gunblades of the Patriots.png
Quest giver
Mor Dhona (X:21.8, Y:8.2)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestShadowbringers
Feature QuestTo Have Loved and Lost
Experience 448,800
Gil 3,335
Previous quest
Feature QuestSteel against Steel

Radovan and Sophie are settling in to Revenant's Toll, yet still yearn for adventure.

— In-game description




This is the final job quest. Only Role Quests will be added going forward.


The title is a reference to the PlayStation 3 game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.



  • Radovan and Sophie are settling in to Revenant's Toll, yet still yearn for adventure.
  • Radovan's search for adventurers to train as gunbreakers continues, with only a handful having displayed the aptitude necessary to master its techniques. Sophie is keen to hear tales of your travels, and you tell them of a certain friend of yours who has also taken up the gunblade. The revelation leaves Radovan stunned, as only a survivor of the destruction of Bozja could possibly have passed on knowledge of the esoteric weapon. This jogs Sophie's memory of a conversation with an adventurer who claims to have seen a Hrothgar carrying a gunblade in Gridania's Carline Canopy. In the hope that this is the mysterious Bozjan gunbreaker of whom Sophie spoke, Radovan immediately embarks on a search for his compatriot.
  • Mother Miounne confirms the veracity of Sophie's information, and adds that the man you describe was in fact looking for Radovan. The wandering Hrothgar sought out your former clients Lassenchou and Editha to quiz them as to Radovan's whereabouts. As luck would have it, the harpsichordist and her manager appear with impeccable timing and confirm that not only were they approached by the gunbreaker, but they had also told him about your group moving on to Ul'dah. As it appears his modus operandi is to seek information at the Adventurers' Guild, Sophie suggests going straight to your previous client's husband, Gerrart, in the hope of arriving before your mysterious pursuer.
  • Gerrart and his son Timm are pleased to see you again, although paying for Oriel's somnus withdrawal treatment has drained their limited finances and they have barely been able to make ends meet. As predicted, they did indeed receive a visit from the roaming Bozjan, who was searching for Radovan. Gerrart had little in the way of detailed information, but the news that Radovan had already left Ul'dah sent the gunbreaker running in the direction of the airship landing, presumably to follow the trail to Limsa Lominsa. For want of a better plan, you make your way to Bulwark Hall to meet your former client Futag Yafutag, and hope you are not too late.
  • Rather than simply volunteering the information you had traveled all the way to Limsa Lominsa to obtain, Futag Yafutag instead chooses to regale you with the story of Guldweitz's final days. The founder of the Flaming Mongrels testified against a number of wanted Lominsan criminals in a last-ditch attempt to perform an honorable deed for perhaps the first time in his life. He finally succumbed to a terminal disease soon after, passing peacefully in his sleep. Guldweitz had made a lasting impression on Radovan, and though he is unable to forgive the pirate's countless acts of villainy, he nonetheless admires the determination to sacrifice oneself for the sake of others. Futag Yafutag cuts Radovan's ruminations short by sharing the news that the enigmatic Bozjan you seek has most likely departed for Ishgard.
  • The roaming gunbreaker has made contact with your one-time client Reese, who let slip the name “Cato Mammula” when discussing Radovan's activities in Ishgard. As the Garlean defector is partly to blame for the annihilation of Bozja, Radovan fears his compatriot may exact his revenge. Reese points you in the direction of Providence Point, where Mammula is making scientific observations of Camp Dragonhead.
  • You reach Providence Point to find that the gunbreaker has already sniffed out Mammula's location, and Radovan springs forward to prevent what he believes to be an attempt on the professor's life. Rostik, the man you have chased across Eorzea, expresses that he has no wish to harm Mammula, and calmly explains that he instead seeks assistance in his plan to rebuild Bozja and provide a home for other survivors of their clan. He even asks for Radovan's support in making this dream a reality. Your mentor, however, has already made a new life for himself, and wishes to remain in Eorzea with Sophie. Rostik accepts this decision, and leaves in search of other Bozjans to join his cause, while you and your comrades make the return journey to Revenant's Toll.
  • Now that your circuit of Eorzea has brought you full circle, Radovan speaks of his relief in discovering that he is not the last of his people, and that a burden has been lifted from his shoulders. While he still wishes to train a new generation of gunbreakers, he feels that his time would be better spent returning to his former occupation as a bodyguard. By traveling far and wide, he hopes to demonstrate the prowess of a gunbreaker, acting as an ambassador of sorts to his people. Sophie, latching onto the idea, hopes to do the same for the culture of the fallen city of Rabanastre, from which she hails. Although you will be parting ways, Radovan reaffirms his commitment to further mastery of the gunblade, though he admits that when next you meet, it might be your turn to teach him.