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"We must come to accept our limitations, lest our ambitions lead us astray. However, we must not lose sight of our strengths in the process."

Guildmaster K'rhid Tia is a roaming spirit and often away, and Thubyrgeim has come to shoulder his responsibilities at the guild. She is a rare person, having both excellent knowledge of her art and far greater patience than most others of twenty-nine years. A true teacher, the Sea Wolf woman may be found tutoring children in their letters when off duty.

— In-game description

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest giver
An Egi By Any Other Name
My First Grimoire Class quest 1 Thubyrgeim
What's in the Box Class quest 5 Thubyrgeim
Tactical Planning Class quest 10 Thubyrgeim
Topaz Teachings Class quest 15 Thubyrgeim
Over the Rails Class quest 15 Thubyrgeim
Pincer Maneuver Class quest 20 Thubyrgeim
Grimoire Fandango Class quest 25 Thubyrgeim
Sinking Doesmaga Class quest 30 Thubyrgeim
Austerities of Flame Class quest 30 Thubyrgeim

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest giver
An Unexpected Ambition Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia
Ancient Ways, Timeless Wants Main Scenario quest 50 Tataru
Way of the Arcanist Class quest 1 Murie

Additional Information

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