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The Power to Protect

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The Power to Protect

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Quest giver
The Peaks (X:22.5, Y:5.6)
Experience 216,000
Gil 2,600
Previous quest
Feature QuestChoices and Paths
Next quest
Side QuestA Monk's Legacy

Widargelt's jaw is set in a look of resolve.

— In-game description





  • Widargelt's jaw is set in a look of resolve.
  • With Erik having recovered from his injuries, Widargelt is now ready to issue his challenge to Theobald. To avoid the risk of premature bloodshed, you have been tasked with bearing the letter to his opponent, who has made Rustrock his hideout.
  • You present the letter of challenge to Theobald, and he haughtily accepts. Take word to Widargelt at Schism.
  • Theobald arrives at the prescribed hour, and he and Widargelt square off before the gathered villagers. But before fists fly, it is revealed that Theobald is in fact Adri, Widargelt's dear comrade from his time at the Temple of the Fist. Made to feel powerless due to his low birth, he resents Widargelt for spurning his royal blood and the might it represents. Once the talking ends and they engage, it becomes clear that Widargelt has the upper hand, and Adri summons his minions to his aid and resorts to using imperial weaponry. For a blessing, Hamon appears with Chuchuto and Rurukuta, having been informed of the duel, and they join the fray to even the odds. At the end of a long struggle, you and yours emerge triumphant.
  • To a cheering crowd, Widargelt renews his promise to revive the Fist of Rhalgr. As the dust settles, speak with your comrades to hear their thoughts on the conclusion of events.
  • Praising Widargelt for his heartfelt speech, Hamon heads back to Ul'dah with his two pupils in tow. D'zentsa and O'tchakha, meanwhile, reaffirm their resolve to grow stronger, that they might better support their master in his endeavors. Last but not least, Erik expresses his gratitude for the role you played in helping Widargelt to forge on in the face of adversity. With the others having taken their leave, you may now give your undivided attention to your brother monk.
  • Widargelt reflects upon all the lessons he has learned, and bids you farewell as he resumes his mission to revive the Fist of Rhalgr. Till next your paths cross, continue to help others as you have helped him.
    • ※The next monk quest will be available from Erik once you have met the following requirements:
    • ※ You must have registered a product key for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers to your service account.
    • ※ You must have completed the main scenario quest “Shadowbringers.”
    • ※ You must have completed the role quest “Courage Born of Fear.”