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Heroic Reprise

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Sidequest.pngDark Knight Job Quest

Feature Quest icon.png

Heroic Reprise

Quest giver
Foundation (X:11, Y:12)

Dark Knight
Experience 22,540
Gil 0
Previous quest
The Voice in the Abyss
Next quest
Declaration of Blood

Fray is pleased to see you, as always.

— In-game description






  • Rendezvous with Fray at the Burning Wall.
  • Slay axe beaks.
  • Speak with Fray.
  • Commune with Fray in Camp Drybone.
  • Rendezvous with Fray at the Amalj'aa encampment.
  • Speak with Fray.
  • Report to Isembard.
  • Speak with Fray.
  • Commune with Fray.


  • Fray is pleased to see you, as always.
  • Fray knows you have not heard the voice in some time, and so he hopes to help you as he did before. Join him in eastern Thanalan and prepare for communion.
  • It begins, as always, with an offering of blood. Seek out and slay axe beaks. Fray is watching.
  • Something is lacking, but you cannot say what. Well, it is done. Perhaps Fray will be satisfied.
  • A flicker of annoyance spasms across your face. How pointless, you think, and Fray smiles, for he knows your heart. Remember this feeling. Treasure it. It will serve you well in your next communion in Camp Drybone.
  • How dare Isembard interrupt our communion! As if pilgrims have not been kidnapped before! Yet here you are again, forced to risk life and limb to rescue fools who should have armed themselves. All because there is no one else. So be it. Raid the Amalj'aa encampment and rescue the prisoners.
  • Fortunately, Amalj'aa are far better sport than peistes, eh!? And the beastmen were happy to keep coming, howling with rage for their fallen kin, no matter how many you slew! Fray's chuckling is infectious, and you find yourself sharing his grin.
  • Fray suggests you refrain from cleaning the blood from your equipment. Let Isembard see what you accomplished firsthand.
  • Isembard's eyes wander to the bloodstains, only to flee a moment later. You can hear the fear in his voice as he thanks you for saving the pilgrims. Fray ought to find that amusing.
  • Those who have never known true sacrifice quake at the sight of it. You know this because Fray knows this. Extend your hand and prepare for communion.
  • “Serve... Save... Slave... Slay...” The voice drones on, each word resounding in your heart as the tapping of hammer and chisel. “Sacrifice is to renounce that which binds you,” Fray says. “To recognize that which matters─and forsake all that does not.” Serve... Save... Slave... Slay... Fray knows you cannot continue to carry all these burdens. Heed his warning, before it is too late.

※The next dark knight quest will be available from Fray upon reaching level 45.

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