Dragoon's Errand

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Dragoon's Errand

Quest giver
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:25, Y:28)

Experience 72,000
Gil 1,284
Previous quest
Sworn Upon a Lance
Next quest
Sanguine Dragoon

Ser Alberic has acquired a lead pointing to the missing Heustienne's whereabouts.

— In-game description




  • Speak with the Temple Knight west of Camp Riversmeet.
  • Search for Heustienne.
  • Speak with Handeloup at the Congregation.
  • Speak with Montorgains at the Observatorium.


  • Ser Alberic has acquired a lead pointing to the missing Heustienne's whereabouts.
  • Ser Alberic has received a report that Heustienne's lance, Peregrine, was recently seen in the hands of a heretic. Though it is unclear how the villains came to possess the weapon, they are all but certain to know of Heustienne's fate, and Ser Alberic is determined to track them down. A regiment of Temple Knights is presently on the trail of the selfsame heretics you seek. Make your way to the area west of Camp Riversmeet in the western highlands of Coerthas, and join the hunt.
  • West of Camp Riversmeet, you meet a Temple Knight who informs you that the heretics have retreated south, in the direction of the Swiftrun River. Join the knights in their hunt, and scour the area for Heustienne.
  • You find Heustienne and liberate her from her heretic captors, but she refuses to return to Ishgard and will not explain why. She bids you alert the Temple Knights to an impending heretic offensive, and further requests that you lie about her survival to her father and comrades. Return to the Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly in Ishgard, and deliver Heustienne's message to Handeloup.
  • Handeloup receives Heustienne's death with disbelief. Next, make your way to the Observatorium and relay the tragic news to Montorgains.
  • In spite of your promise, you cannot help but reveal the truth to Montorgains, and the search for Heustienne continues. Though her inexplicable disappearance may be seen by some as desertion, all present are convinced that she would not forsake her nation and her vows. Ser Alberic speculates that Heustienne means to go after Graoully and recover Peregrine. While he tracks down the leader of the heretics, he bids you continue dedicating yourself to your lancework, that you might be better prepared for the coming trials.

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