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Dragoon frame icon.png DRG (actions)
Quest Req.
Job quest Eye of the Dragon

Delivers a jumping attack with a potency of 320. Returns you to your original position after the attack is made.
Additional Effect: Grants Dive Ready
Duration: 15s

— In-game description

Jump is an action unlocked by questing at level 30. It is available for Dragoon.

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  • The potency of this action is 250 until Blood of the Dragon trait.png  Blood of the Dragon is learned at Lv. 54.
  • Dive Ready will not be granted until Mirage Dive.png  Mirage Dive is learned at Lv. 68.
  • The action animation does not change the position of the player as recognized by the server, even if they visibly jump to a target from range.


  • EW.png Patch 6.4 (2023-05-23):
    • Can now be executed while bound.
    • To improve the functionality of this action, Jump will no longer affect the character's position as recognized by the server.
    • The camera will no longer follow your character when executing Jump.
  • EW.png Patch 6.2 (2022-08-23): This action will no longer be replaced by Mirage Dive while under the effect of Dive Ready.
  • EW.png Patch 6.11 (2022-04-25): When Jump changes to Mirage Dive, there will now be a small input delay to prevent the unintended execution of Mirage Dive.
  • EW.png Patch 6.1 (2022-04-12):
    • Action animation has been shortened.
    • Action now changes to Mirage Dive while under the effect of Mirage Dive Ready.
  • EW.png Patch 6.0 (2021-12-07): Potency has been changed from 310 to 320.
  • SHB.png Patch 5.0 (2019-07-02): Potency has been increased from 260 to 310.
  • SB.png Patch 4.1 (2017-10-10): Potency has been increased from 250 to 260.
  • ARR.png Patch 2.45 (2014-12-08): Recast time has been reduced from 40 to 30 seconds.
  • ARR.png Patch 2.4 (2014-10-28): The animation lock after execution has been shortened.
  • ARR.png Patch 2.1 (2013-12-17): The animation has been changed, and the animation lock shortened.
  • ARR.png Patch 2.0 (2013-08-27): Added.


  • Due to this action's lengthy animation lock in earlier versions of this game, using this action often came at the risk of rendering one unable to dodge enemy AoEs, sometimes leading to death. These quirks resulted in the creation of memes calling dragoon a "floor tank".
  • The changes in patch 6.4 were likely a response to previous limitations that rendered Jump or High Jump unusable in some parts of certain encounters, such as Raid Eden's Verse: Furor (Savage) and Trial Mount Ordeals (Extreme), causing delays in use. The delays were highly deleterious to dragoon's rigid damage rotation.