Savior of Skysteel

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Savior of Skysteel

Quest giver
Foundation (X:8, Y:10)

Previous quest
Before the Dawn
Next quest
Master of Marksmanship

Stephanivien awaits your introduction with undisguised enthusiasm.

— In-game description





  • Inquire after the retired instructor.


  • Stephanivien awaits your introduction with undisguised enthusiasm.
  • Stephanivient once more welcomes you to the Skysteel Manufactory, and offers to introduce you to the wonders of machinistry. Speak with the enthusiastic inventor to indicate your readiness to undertake your first lesson.
  • You inform Stephanivien of your desire to learn about firearms, much to the inventor's delight. It would appear, however, that the manufactory's master of marksmanship has resigned his post at the worst possible timing. Join Stephanivien at Camp Overlook in outer La Noscea, and aid him and Joye in their quest to win back the workshop's reluctant employee.
  • You rendezvous with Stephanivien and Joye in outer La Noscea, and agree to assist them with their inquiries. Speak with the soldiers of Camp Overlook, and ask after the retired instructor.
  • The inhabitants you speak with at Camp Overlook seem less than welcoming towards the man you seek. Return to Stephanivien, and share the information you have learned.
  • You rejoin Stephanivien and Joye just outside the camp, and explain where the master of marksmanship might be found. Head towards the lift, and speak with Stephanivien once more.
  • You arrive at the infirmary to find Stephanivien entreating the master of marksmanship—a Roegadyn by the name of Rostnsthal—to return to the manufactory. After a tense confrontation wherein Joye displays her uncanny skill with a firearm, Rostnsthal reluctantly agrees to test your potential with a trial lesson. Take up the weapon you received from Stephanivien, and convince the instructor of the seriousness of your intentions.

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