Primal Burdens

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Primal Burdens

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Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:10.9, Y:6.3)
Experience 46,800
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestAusterities of Wind
Next quest
Feature QuestA Fitting Tomestone
Feature QuestA Relic Reborn (The Veil of Wiyu)
Feature QuestAn Egi by Any Other Name

Y'mhitra has some terrible news to tell you.

— In-game description




While the chest piece is the last part of your Artifact Armor, the coffer contents are Mythology Armor, Item Level 90 former tomestone gear that is a recolor of your Artifact Armor. The coffer was added to this quest with the launch of Stormblood.



  • Y'mhitra has some terrible news to tell you.
  • Shocked and dismayed, Y'mhitra tells you of the sudden attack that took the lives of several researchers at Saint Coinach's Find. Speak with a survivor at the dig site, and confirm your suspicions that Tristan was behind the brutal murders.
  • You have spoken with a survivor of the attack, and learned that Tristan struck down the excavation team and took an Allagan soul crystal into his possession. Confer with Y'mhitra, and plan your next move.
  • After hearing Y'mhitra's thoughts on Tristan's bloody motivations, you resolve to chase down the cold-blooded summoner and wring some answers from the man himself. Search the Singing Shards for Tristan, and confront him with his crimes.
  • You locate the power-hungry murderer, and best him in a climactic battle in which Tristan brings to bear the might of an elder primal. Speak with Y'mhitra, and discuss the aftermath of the conflict.
  • The weary researcher laments the path that drove Tristan to madness, and wonders if, had he chosen differently, he would have proven a potential ally. Y'mhitra warns you to remain wary of power's corrupting influence, and suggests you both return to Apkallu Falls to recover from the ordeal.
  • Though the dark summoner that wreaked such havoc is no more, Y'mhitra bids you remain wary of the shadowy Ascians' destructive machinations. As a symbol of gratitude from the researchers of Saint Coinach's Find, you receive the final piece of the evoker's attire. And to further prepare you for the inevitable conflict with the Paragons, Y'mhitra opens your mind to the powerful technique known as Enkindle— an ability that allows you to unlock the true might of your egi.