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With Heart and Steel

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With Heart and Steel

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Quest giver
X'rhun Tia
The Pillars (X:10.8, Y:10.4)
Red Mage
Experience 216,000
Gil 3,500
Previous quest
Feature QuestChild of Lilith
Next quest
Side QuestSuccession of Steel

X'rhun seeks the wisdom of the thaumaturges.

— In-game description




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  • X'rhun seeks the wisdom of the thaumaturges.
  • X'rhun speaks of his own attempts to research voidsent possession, but admits that the subject is beyond his field of expertise. Reasoning that the Thaumaturges' Guild will have far more familiarity with the practices and history of ancient Mhach, your mentor bids you accompany him to the Arrzaneth Ossuary in Ul'dah.
  • You join X'rhun as he explains Arya's predicament to Prelate Yayake, and the be-monocled thaumaturge agrees to consult some of the guild's forbidden tomes. After studying the lore at hand, Yayake provides you with not only the location for Lilith's ritual, but also a hint for surviving the coming confrontation─a ready supply of antidotes. X'rhun then steps away to contact Jessie, and arrange an airship to carry you both to the ruined city in the middle of Yafaem's impassable swampland. Speak with him upon his return.
  • X'rhun reports that Jessie is more than happy to provide transport after Arya's selfless assistance during that “assassination business.” Travel to Revenant's Toll, and speak with the Ironworks' deputy president.
  • You meet with Jessie in Revenant's Toll, and it seems that the deputy president herself will be taking the helm of the Mhach-bound vessel. The plan is simple: cut through the ruins, find Lilith, and snatch Arya from the voidsent queen's dead claws. With Yayake's pointed order of “STOCK SOME ANTIDOTES” echoing in your mind, you prepare for combat, and set out to join Jessie on the northen bank of Silvertear Lake.
  • After a climactic battle with Lilith, you have succeeded in slaying the undulating voidsent and putting a stop to her unholy ritual. Escort Arya out of the ruins, and return to Mor Dhona.
  • Arya has been delivered from Lilith's tainted embrace, her blood cleansed and soul unharmed. Once more have you and your companions proven that the heart and steel of a red mage can conquer the most tyrannical of foes. Speak with X'rhun on the banks of Silvertear Lake.
  • Your companions seek to express their gratitude to Jessie, but the deputy president dismisses her assistance as a mere balancing of the books. Jessie says her farewells, and you set off after your comrades as they head back to Revenant's Toll.
  • X'rhun praises your phenomenal growth as a red mage, and declares that you have graduated from his lessons. On the other hand, however, Arya's liberation from Lilith's influence and subsequent loss of power means that she must relearn the arcane arts at the most fundamental level. Until she is once more ready to take the red, the Crimson Duelist means to hang up his mentor's mantle and return to his pilgrimage. But rather than mourn this separation, X'rhun seems positive that the paths of you who defy the tides of destiny will one day cross again...