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Blue Cheese (Quest)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Heavensward Blue Mage quest. For the food item, see Blue Cheese (Item).
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Blue Cheese

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.5, Y:13.0)
Blue Mage
The Masked Carnival The Catch of the Siegfried cleared
Experience 25,000
Gil 550
Previous quest
Feature QuestBlue Scream of Death
Next quest
Feature QuestSecond-rate Entertainment

Martyn presumably wishes to thank you for avenging his defeat at the hands of Siegfried.

— In-game description





  • Martyn presumably wishes to thank you for avenging his defeat at the hands of Siegfried.
  • Martyn is joined by P'yandih, Nutiba Buntiba, and Royse in offering their congratulations for your thrilling victory over Siegfried. As the ownership of the Celestium hinged on the outcome of the match, Royse is particularly pleased that the arena and its assets remain under her control. Your vanquished foe also arrives with his father, Fyrgeiss, and admits that you were the better fighter on the day. Following suit, Fyrgeiss confesses that he had misjudged the abilities of blue mages, and Martyn seizes the opportunity to secure gainful employment for his guild with Amajina & Sons. After the wealthy Syndicate member clears the air with Royse, a round of farewells ensues, leaving you with Martyn and his Mamool Ja associates. However, it seems that something is amiss with the guildmaster...
  • With Martyn's position undermined by your emphatic display in the Masked Carnivale, he comes to the conclusion that he can no longer continue as the Great Azuro. But Martyn has never been one to give in, even when he almost definitely should, and he announces that he will reinvent himself under the new identity of Azuro the Third. He aims to convince the public of Ul'dah that his latest alter ego is the original founder of the Blue Mages' Guild, in order to distance it from the rather ignominious fate that befell the Great Azuro. He will continue to appear in the Masked Carnivale under this new moniker while continuing his research into strategies that blue mages may employ in various fields of combat, and he asks you to participate in further expeditions. Though Martyn maintains his position as guildmaster of the Blue Mages' Guild, it is clear to all involved who the real driving force is, and the junior members will rely on your guidance in the days to come.
    • ※The next blue mage quest will be available from Martyn once you have met the following requirement:
    • ※ You must have completed the main scenario quest “Emissary of the Dawn.”