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Master Musosai

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Master Musosai

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:9.4, Y:12.4)
Experience 46,800
Gil 1,502
Previous quest
The Way of the Samurai
Next quest
The Sands of Debt

Musosai regards you with a piercing gaze.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Musosai.
  • Speak with Musosai at the Gladiators' Guild, (down the stairs which are next to the fighting NPCs)
  • Defeat Musosai!
  • Defeat Beroald!
  • Speak with Musoai after the battle
  • Speak with Musoai at The QuickSand


  • Musosai regards you with a piercing gaze.
  • Having expressed his approval at your transformation into a samurai, Musosai bids you make your final preparations for your duel. A word from you, and it begins.
  • No sooner are you introduced to the crowd than Beroald, the gladiator whom Musosai earlier thrashed, disrupts the proceedings and demands a rematch. Unimpressed, Musosai calmly cuts his sword in half and sends him fleeing as quickly as he appeared. With that distraction out of the way, you square off against the elderly Hingan and succeed in besting him, though you get the sense that he held back. Nonetheless, Musosai heaps ample praise upon you and offers you your reward: training in the way of the samurai. Before you can form a response, however, Beroald disrupts the proceedings yet again, and this time he has brought friends. Believing you more than capable, Musosai leaves you to attend the uninvited guests, which you handily do. In desperation and frustration, Beroald turns his fury upon Musosai, only to be sent sprawling by the old man. With that, your eventful challenge comes to an end.
  • Back at the Gladiators' Guild, Musosai confesses that his purpose for coming to Ul'dah and taking on challengers was in order to find a worthy new pupil. And find one he did─in you. You accept the offer, much to his delight and relief, and without further ado your training begins, amid the buzzing and bustle of the Quicksand.
  • Musosai recounts to you a period of strife in Hingan history, the Age of Blood, and how it led to the birth of the samurai. A samurai's calling, he explains, is to seek out the wicked and bring them to account, that such a tragedy may never be repeated. To that end, you will journey the land on a quest to right wrongs, and in so doing walk the path towards mastery of your art. As Musosai declares his intent to begin this quest in Ul'dah, the silver-tongued showmaster, Momozigo, arrives and offers to assist you on your quest. Until such time as they identify a likely evil to excise, Musosai bids you continue honing your newfound skills.