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When Clans Collide

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When Clans Collide

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Quest giver
Yanxia (X:29.7, Y:19.5)
Experience 216,000
Gil 3,500
Previous quest
Feature QuestTrue Enlightenment
Next quest
Side QuestOboro's Big Idea

Oboro is trembling with excitement and trepidation.

— In-game description





  • Oboro is trembling with excitement and trepidation.
  • The army of the Kagekakushi clan comes, and they come in great numbers. Oboro would meet the advancing army with his fellow shinobi, but he has one grave concern─Lord Hanzo himself is nowhere to be seen. You suggest that perhaps the man means to sneak into Yanxia through the back door─that is to say, by way of the Azim Steppe. Finding your theory a convincing one, Oboro bids you guard the passage while he leads the rest of the shinobi against Lord Hanzo's imposing army.
  • As you keep watch by the passage to Yanxia on the edge of the Azim Steppe, an old man approaches. Though it appears at a glance to be Master Kamui, the old hermit of Plum Spring, it is quickly revealed to be little more than one of Hanzo's disguises. The Kagekakushi lord gloatingly explains that he used his superior ninjutsu to create the illusion of a false army, luring the most capable shinobi out of the village, then snuck in with his flawless disguise and stole away with the scroll with the utmost of ease. Eager to put to use the legendary power he has obtained, he forms the forbidden mudra of summoning─only to be surrounded by a nest of hopping rabbits. As Hanzo fumes with rage, a very-much-alive Karasu appears on a ledge above, revealing that it was in fact he who was pulling Hanzo's strings all along─the Karasu thought slain at Bekko was but a mirror, and the scroll in Hanzo's hands a cleverly disguised fake. With a sneer, Hanzo turns to face you, still believing his own form of ninjutsu to be superior to the Doman offshoot, but is proven wrong when he falls at the hands of you and Karasu. Looking out over the battlefield, you turn to the eccentric ninja who has again proven himself an unexpected friend.
  • Karasu offers some rare words of praise for your skill at ninjutsu before walking off to wherever the wind will carry him. No sooner has he left than you are joined by Oboro and the rest of your companions, who joyfully report their triumph over the Kagekakushi clan. Oboro rejoices at the return of the scroll to the village, but soon realizes that Karasu has made off with the true other half. Jacke claims the fake scroll and sets off for Limsa with proof that his job is done, and Princess Yuki─heartened to have repaid her debt to you and Oboro─likewise runs off to Eorzea in search of her hapless retainer Akagi. Oboro expresses his intent to go after Karasu, and asks Tsubame to concoct another tale to explain his absence to the village elders. After a round of farewells has been exchanged, Oboro bids you visit him at his hideout upon your return to Eorzea, where he would share with you a final word.
  • Back at the storehouse in La Noscea, Oboro shares with you his recent thoughts on his path as a shinobi. Though his mind thus far has often been clouded with doubts, his reflection on the story of Master Sasuke and the origins of his village has given him clarity. He would follow in the footsteps of his honorable forebear, walking the path he believes in even if it means setting aside his commitments to his homeland in favor of listening to his own heart. With a newfound sense of purpose, he resolves to pursue Karasu and the missing scroll. Thanking you one last time for your friendship and your commitment to the path of the shinobi, he bids you farewell for the day, expressing his wish that your next adventure together will come someday soon.