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The Orphans and the Broken Blade

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The Orphans and the Broken Blade

Quest giver
The Dravanian Forelands (X:31.7, Y:23.4)

Dark Knight
Experience 207,900
Gil 2,185
Previous quest
The Widow and Her Love
Next quest
We Can Never Go Home

Sidurgu is about to make a suggestion he will immediately regret.

— In-game description


  • Rendezvous with Sidurgu at Moghome.
  • Search for Myste.
  • Speak with Sidurgu.
  • Follow Sidurgu.
  • Search for Rielle.
  • Use Souleater to consume the swirling abyss.
  • Speak with Sidurgu.


  • Sidurgu is about to make a suggestion he will immediately regret.
  • Myste remains inconsolable, unable to turn his thoughts from Lowdy and her plight. And so, in a fit of what can only be described as temporary insanity, Sidurgu has proposed that you return to Moghome. Apparently he hopes that the fresh air and the quiet might cheer the boy. Alternatively, he may long to punch a moogle in its furry little face.
  • After sparing a moment to put the fear of the gods into Moggie, Sidurgu suggests you go and look for Myste, who has wandered off somewhere to take in these familiar sights.
  • Myste stares out at the endless expanse and speaks of loss, which we know all too well. So, so many friends and loved ones. Close your eyes and you can see them pass, one by one, in solemn procession. A lesser woman would be tempted to forget, but we know better.
  • After reflection, Myste is ready to resume his search, and so Sidurgu declares it time to leave Moghome and never, ever return. Rielle, however, is unwilling to say good-bye, and over Sidurgu's protestations she takes Myste and heads north. Needless to say, you cannot abandon them to the wilderness and the three-headed goobbues that may be wandering about.
  • Well, at least Sid got to enjoy a spot of revenge by severely beating a few moogles half to death. Rielle and Myste are nowhere to be found; Sidurgu suggests you head directly to Asah while he circles around in case they strayed from the road.
  • You find the two children in a familiar place: the clearing where you and Sidurgu once fought a party of moogles who had pretended to kidnap Rielle for questionable reasons. Myste listens intently as Rielle tells him of how the dark knight loved and admired Ser Ompagne, his former master and caretaker, and when Sidurgu at last arrives, Myste asks him if he would like to see the fallen knight again. Sidurugu tells him yes, too late realizing the boy's intentions, and moments later you are confronted with another memory given form...
  • Sidurgu has long wondered why Ser Ompagne chose to adopt Fray and Sid, two orphan children, and train them as dark knights. After a spirited test of strength, the conjured memory reveals the truth that Sid has always known deep within his heart: that the former Temple Knight saw in him and Fray a chance to redeem himself for the countless young boys who fought and died under his command. A chance to create a lasting legacy and ensure that the world would be a better place for him having been in it. A chance for...forgiveness.
  • Now comes your part
  • To cloak yourself in the fiction
  • To breathe life into the dead
  • To give words to the voiceless
  • Mark well this moment, for she will learn from it...
  • The abyss is ours again, but again the boy holds back. Again he apologizes profusely. To his credit, Sid shows remarkable restraint, though that may be solely due to the many injuries inflicted upon him by Ser Ompagne...
  • As feared, Sidurgu will require some time to recover from his wounds. So poor is his condition that he is not even fit to make the journey back to Ishgard. Alas, this means that he must enjoy the company of the moogles at Moghome for the foreseeable future. But all is not lost─he did give you leave to punch a moogle for him.
  • ※The next dark knight quest will be available from Myste upon reaching level 68.



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