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Off the Record

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Off the Record

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Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:10.9, Y:6.3)
Experience 108,000
Gil 1,429
Previous quest
Feature QuestAn Egi-stential Crisis
Next quest
Feature QuestAn Art for the Living

Y'mhitra seems to be having trouble making headway with her research.

— In-game description



  • Y'mhitra seems to be having trouble making headway with her research.
  • Y'mhitra has been unable to find significant mention of Sari in the usual histories, and decides to call on the assistance of her colleague, Rammbroes. Accompany Y'mhitra to Mor Dhona, and speak with the Roegadyn scholar at Saint Coinach's Find.
  • Rammbroes considers your situation, and suggests you borrow the unread tomestones from Rowena's considerable stock. Head into Revenant's Toll, and deliver Rammbroes's letter into the merchant's hands.
  • In exchange for summaries of their contents, Rowena has agreed to lend you a hefty pile of tomestone transcripts. Join Y'mhitra outside and begin sifting through the foreboding volumes.
  • Y'mhitra discovers a passage of interest almost immediately, but realizes that further assistance will be needed to search through the mountain of material. She resolves to enlist Captain Wolf's squad of summoners, and Rammbroes offers the use of his tent. Return to Saint Coinach's Find and speak with Y'mhitra once more.
  • With the aid of the summoner squad you learn the history leading to Sari's death, and construct a theory to explain the master summoner's simulacrum on Seal Rock. The acolytes head back to the island to search for further clues, and you return to Gridania with Y'mhitra to await their results.
  • With the investigation on Seal Rock providing little in the way of new information, you prepare to make an expedition to the research facility on Azys Lla. Judging by Principia's explanation of the seal and the goading nature of the present-day Sari's parting words, it seems that your arrival will not be unexpected...
    • ※The next summoner quest will be available from Y'mhitra upon reaching level 70.