Austerities of Earth

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Austerities of Earth

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Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:10.9, Y:6.3)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestLord of Crags
Experience 15,840
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestAusterities of Flame
Next quest
Feature QuestShadowing the Summoner

Y'mhitra, the researcher at Apkallu Falls, wishes you to proceed with the next summoning ritual.

— In-game description




The main scenario quest Main Scenario QuestLord of Crags is required to receive this quest, as is noted in the quest infobox.

Defeat Titan-egi using your standard spells. He will spawn stone shivers, which will cast Slow and Stone II but have relatively low health. At low HP, Titan-egi will use a circle area of effect attack centered on itself. After you have defeated Titan-egi, a brief cutscene will play introducing the Dark Summoner. Your new goal is to defeat the Dark Summoner and his Ifrit-egi. Ifrit-egi will melee attack you or Y'mhitra, while the Dark Summoner will cast spells at you or Y'mhitra. You can attack either target here - Your goal is to survive past the Dark Summoner using several area of effect attacks. He will cast a large cone attack, followed by a mid-sized circle attack, and then repeat those two casts. There will be a brief pause in his casts, followed by another set of cone and circle casts, at which point the Dark Summoner will be defeated and the solo duty will be completed.


  • Speak with Y'mhitra to the southwest of Alder Springs.
  • Speak with Y'mhitra.
  • Speak with Y'mhitra at Apkallu Falls.


  • Y'mhitra, the researcher at Apkallu Falls, wishes you to proceed with the next summoning ritual.
  • You have chosen to perform the Austerities of Earth. Speak with Y'mhitra southwest of Alder Springs in the North Shroud to begin the ritual, and attempt to bind a new egi to your will.
  • After following Y'mhitra's instructions, you summon and defeat the entity known as Titan-Egi. However, before you are able to celebrate, you find yourself under assault by a man who also appears to be a summoner. Though you manage to force the stranger to retreat, you are left bewildered by the unprovoked attack. Speak with Y'mhita to see how she is faring in the aftermath.
  • You have spoken to Y'mhitra and confirmed that she is sound of body. Return with her to Apkallu Falls in Gridania to discuss the encounter further.
  • Y'mhitra, still somewhat shaken, wonders what could have motivated the haughty stranger's sudden attack. The researcher suggests that you spend some time exploring the capabilities of your new egi ally while she makes use of the Sons' resources to investigate the identity of the murderous summoner.
    • The next summoner quest will be available from Y'mhitra upon reaching level 40.


Accepting the quest

Y'mhitra: Titan's essence infuses your aura, [Player]. I foresee no further obstacles preventing us from attempting the next ritual.
Y'mhitra: Shall we proceed with the Austerities of Earth? I have every confidence that you will succeed in binding Titan-Egi to your will.
Y'mhitra: According to my research, the most suitable location for the ritual is a place found to the southwest of Alder Springs in the North Shroud. A heretofore buried layer of ancient rock exposed by the violent upheavals of the Calamity has lent the surrounding area an overwhelming earthen aspect.
Y'mhitra: The conditions will be perfect. I will await you at our destination, [Player].

Speaking to Y'mhitra

Y'mhitra: The ritual you are about to perform is, essentially, no different from the Austerities of Flame.
Y'mhitra: Instead of fire, however, you will be concentrating on shifting your aetheric balance towards the spectrum of earth. Once you have achieved the required state of earthen affinity, the primal's captured essence will tumble forth and coalesce into the stony form of Titan-Egi.
Y'mhitra: As before, you must demonstrate unflinching authority if you would convince the newborn avatar to heed your command. Let us begin!

Solo duty

Y'mhitra the Learned: The mere presence of this egi is suffocating.
It is as if the weight of a mountain presses upon my chest! Y'mhitra the Learned: The entity has summoned allies of earth! Y'mhitra the Learned: The aetheric shakes the very ground.


Y'mhitra: Oh, well done, [Player]!
???: I come in search of Allagan relics, and what do I find but a pair of incompetent dabblers. By what jest of fate did you chance across such undeserved power?
Y'mhitra: And who might you be, sir, to so boldly question our accomplishments?
???: If you have, indeed, unlocked the secrets of summoning, then you must be in possession of the very treasure I seek.
???: How terribly convenient. I need only slay you both and take what I need from your bloody corpses.
Y'mhitra: Gods below! A summoner!? But how!?
Dark Summoner: Cease your infantile prattle! The continuation of my divine work far outweighs the worth of your pitiful lives!

Solo duty

Dark Summoner: How fortunate to die by my hand!
Naught but ash shall remain of your wretchedness! Y'mhitra the Learned: Defend yourself, [Player]!
His words are no empty threat! Dark Summoner: You think to stand against me?
Foolish bravado. You will burn nonetheless. Y'mhitra the Learned: Be on your guard!
His power is building!


Dark Summoner: Why do you struggle so?
Dark Summoner: Your unwillingness to accept oblivion but delays the inevitable!
Dark Summoner: Heed me, avatar of infernal flame! Incinerate these fools in all-consuming hellfire!
Dark Summoner: What!?
Y'mhitra: Feel nature's fury, you vile blackguard!
Dark Summoner: <grunt> I tire of this childish game. Thank your gods for granting you another day of miserable existence!
Y'mhitra: He's gone... What a decidedly unpleasant fellow.

Speaking to Y'mhitra again

Y'mhitra: Well, I suggest we return to Apkallu Falls——I have no desire to linger here and chance another encounter with...whomever that deranged mage was.

Reporting back to Y'mhitra

Y'mhitra: I must say, I did not expect to meet another practitioner of the summoning arts.
Y'mhitra: And I also did not expect to be suddenly fighting for my life. What precious treasure do we carry that this callous stranger was so willing to kill us to possess it?
Y'mhitra: Such mysteries aside, I am most glad you were able to secure Titan-Egi before the summoner decided to unleash his fiery avatar. Without its protection, I doubt we would have survived that conflagration.
Y'mhitra: The egi of earth——as was so aptly demonstrated——is not a force to be trifled with. You should certainly take the time to explore its capabilities, as well as its limitations. Be careful, however, not to neglect other magicks at your disposal.
Y'mhitra: Meanwhile, I shall confer with my colleagues in the Sons of Saint Coinach, and see what I might learn of that hostile summoner. We shall meet anon.