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The Flame in the Abyss

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The Flame in the Abyss

Dark Knight HW Quest image2.png
Quest giver
Foundation (X:13.3, Y:12.0)
Dark Knight
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestMountaintop Diplomacy
Required items
4 Pomwort icon1.png  Pomwort
Experience 53,040
Gil 1,691
Previous quest
Feature QuestOriginal Sins
Next quest
Feature QuestAbsolution

An anger you know all too well smolders within Sidurgu.

— In-game description



  • An anger you know all too well smolders within Sidurgu.
  • House Caulignont has long held strong ties with the Ishgardian Orthodox Church, allowing many of her sons and daughters to rise to great prominence within the clergy. Countess Ystride de Caulignont was poised to do the same, until she learned of her husband's heresy. When confronted, he proudly confessed to having consumed dragon blood for decades before draining a vial to complete his transformation and murder his wife. Though he was slain before he could do so, he nevertheless succeeded in tearing his family apart, for when the countess realized that his tainted blood had been passed on to their daughter, Rielle, she chose to confine her to a cell for fear of what the girl might become.
  • Now fully aware of his foes' fanatical nature, Sidurgu would seize upon any advantage for the coming battle. Recalling the ancient dragon's words, he thinks to seek out the “tiny beings” who know a better way. He has no idea who they might be, but you have a sneaking suspicion that you do...
  • You summon Sidurgu and Rielle to Moghome and introduce them to Moggie, the second-most well-informed moogle in the village. However, rather than engaging the moogle, the normally reserved Rielle erupts, berating Sidurgu for his obsession with the darkness and his treatment of her. Moggie, believing that she has insight into the “flame in the abyss,” bids you and Sidurgu gather pomwort, while she and the other moogles look after Rielle.
  • Though the purpose is hardly clear to you, you gather pomwort as Moggie requested. Return to the moogle and present to her your bounty.
  • Having completed your first “trial,” Moggie bids you undertake a second. You and Sidurgu are to cull tulihands on the road to Asah. A curious trial, to be sure, but surely there is a method to the moogle's madness...
  • As you slay tulihand after tulihand, you begin to wonder if this is all simply pointless busywork. Join Sidurgu in Asah and see if he shares your suspicions.
  • In a shocking and altogether baffling turn of events, the moogles of Moghome reveal that they have kidnapped Rielle. Sidurgu predictably flies into a rage, and together you set about beating the moogles senseless. Afterwards, your comrade demands the return of his charge once more, only for the moogles to ask why. Sidurgu cites his oath as a dark knight, prompting the gathered moogles to burst into song, extolling the virtues of love. Speechless, the dark knight turns away, only to find Rielle safe and sound in the company of Moggie. At the moogle's behest, Rielle voices her feelings and accuses Sidurgu of helping her only to further his own quest for vengeance against the Temple Knights. After a moment, he acknowledges that she speaks true, but reminds her that they will not survive the coming trial without each other's aid. He states that what happens afterwards will be her decision, and his words seem to mollify the young girl.
  • Declaring your time spent in Moghome to have been an utter waste of time, Sidurgu returns to Ishgard together with Rielle. As you watch them depart, however, you are not entirely certain that you agree...
  • In the Forgotten Knight, Sidurgu reveals to you that he was among those first refugees to Ishgard, and that he watched helplessly as Temple Knights executed his parents without cause. He too would have died that day, were it not for the intervention of a dark knight, who would then become his mentor. Though he claimed to embrace noble ideals, he confesses that it was likely nothing more than an excuse to indulge in vengeance. Though he now believes himself unworthy to defend Rielle, he knows that she has no one else but you and him. For one last battle, at least, he will stand at her side...