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Feather in the Cap

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Feather in the Cap

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Quest giver
The Pillars (X:15, Y:10)
Experience 51,480
Gil 1,691
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Jannequinard has the latest information on Lady Leveva's current location.

— In-game description



  • Jannequinard has the latest information on Lady Leveva's current location.
  • Leveva has moved north to Tailfeather in the Dravanian forelands. Travel to the remote camp with Jannequinard to learn what her plans for the hamlet may be.
  • The hunters of Tailfeather, tired of having their broken arms mended with bone saws, have formally requested aid from the same astrologians who assisted the Convictors with their battle-wounded. Leveva suggests that as long as you are in the hamlet, you help her by weaving an Aspected Benefic or three.
  • There appear to be no more wounded hunters in Tailfeather. Speak with Leveva of your progress.
  • Leveva appears drained from the day's work and has stepped out of the hamlet for a moment of respite. Jannequinard worries for her safety and has asked that you and Quimperain escort the lady.
  • Just as you arrive, the Sharlayan mercenary Celie appears from the trees. A battle ensues, though it is Celie who has the decided advantage, this time bringing a veritable army to fight at her side. The tide turns, however, when from the hamlet arrive four of the hunters you healed earlier, bows in hand. It is not long before Celie is slain and a great burden is lifted from your party's shoulders. Return to the Athenaeum Astrologicum with Jannequinard.
  • Jannequinard seems worried about the possibility that the Sharlayan Forum will come for Leveva. Fortunately for you, this worry reminds him of a technique he learned while studying abroad, and he is kind enough to pass it on to you.