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A Fitting Tomestone

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A Fitting Tomestone

Summoner Job Image 2.JPG
Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:10.8, Y:6.2)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestBefore the Dawn
Experience 46,800
Gil 1,093
Previous quest
Feature QuestPrimal Burdens
Next quest
Feature QuestA Matter of Fact

Y'mhitra has glad tidings she would share with you.

— In-game description



  • Y'mhitra has glad tidings she would share with you.
  • Y'mhitra has presented her findings on the art of summoning to her peers, and tells you of the overwhelmingly positive reaction. In addition to a flood of offers to assist with her research, she has also been promised a contribution of several rare Allagan tomestones. Join Y'mhitra on her journey to Saint Coinach's Find, and speak with Rammbroes about the newly unearthed relics.
  • You call on Rammbroes at the scholars' camp in Mor Dhona, and he gladly surrenders several Allagan tomestones to Y'mhitra. After mentioning your role in defeating Leviathan, Ramuh, and Shiva, the anthropogeographer subsequently theorizes that you should now be capable of summoning forth new egi. Y'mhitra, jumping excitedly at this realization, presses her colleague for suggestions of suitable locations at which to attempt the rituals. Head to the Singing Shards, and join the researcher in the north of the area.
  • Your attempt to summon Ramuh-Egi in the Singing Shards has ended in failure. Return to Apkallu Falls, and discuss this unexpected development with Y'mhitra.
  • Even after examining her previous findings, Y'mhitra has been unable to ascertain the reason behind the failed ritual. She then promises to begin her study of the Allagan tomestones she received from Rammbroes, and asks that you prepare yourself, body and spirit, for the unknown challenges that lie ahead.
    • ※The next summoner quest will be available from Y'mhitra upon reaching level 52.