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Sky's the Limit

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Sky's the Limit

Dragoon HW image1.png
Quest giver
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:25.8, Y:28.3)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestBefore the Dawn
Experience 46,800
Gil 702
Previous quest
Feature QuestInto the Dragon's Maw
Next quest
Feature QuestDays of Azure

Ser Alberic is mustering reinforcements for a battle.

— In-game description


  • Speak with the wounded dragoon northwest of Whitebrim Front.
  • Speak with Alberic.


  • Ser Alberic is mustering reinforcements for a battle.
  • Ser Alberic informs you that a host of dragons has been wreaking havoc within Ishgardian territory. Though the Holy See's best dragoons have been dispatched to deal with the threat, they are sorely outnumbered and are struggling to gain the upper hand. Even now, a unit is locked in a fierce struggle northwest of Whitebrim Front, and is in dire need of reinforcements. Ser Alberic means to answer the call, and bids you join him. Make haste to the location of the battle.
  • With your aid, the Ishgardians succeed in putting the enemy to rout. Shortly thereafter, Ser Alberic arrives in the company of another dragoon, who introduces herself as Heustienne, one of your instructors during your trials. Impressed by your distinct fighting style, she asks to be taken on as your pupil. Consider her request, and convey your decision to Ser Alberic at the Observatorium.
  • You have agreed to accept Heustienne as your pupil. “As we teach, so too do we learn”─with these words in mind, go forth and strive to reach new heights as a dragoon.
    • ※The next dragoon quest will be available from Alberic upon reaching level 52.