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Forward the Royal Marines.JPG
Quest giver
Surito Carito
Upper La Noscea (X:25.6, Y:22.3)

Experience 81,600
Gil 2,108
Previous quest
Ooh Rah
Next quest
Forward, the Royal Marines

Surito Carito would again ask for your assistance.

— In-game description






  • Speak with Yayake at the Thaumaturges' Guild.
  • Speak with Redwald at Falcon's Nest.
  • Speak with Soubinie.
  • Search the North Star on the Coerthas River.
  • Deliver the sack of void scholar's effects to Surito Carito.


  • Surito Carito would again ask for your assistance.
  • Though he has done painstaking research, Surito Carito is stumped. He supposes that the voidsent's invisibility is uniquely suited to subverting Nymian wards. In the current day and age, however, he believes academics may know a way to reveal the unseen foe. Alka Zolka suggests that the Thaumaturges' Guild in Ul'dah may contain the sought-after information, and bids you speak with its receptionist, Yayake. Proceed there in hopes that the library holds a tome or two on the subject.
  • Upon speaking with Yayake, you learn a book on vanishing voidsent was once in the guild's collection. Now, it is somewhere in Coerthas, carried there by a researcher who has been missing since the Calamity. Yayake directs you to his last known destination: Falcon's Nest. Make your way there, and see if Ser Redwald knows anything.
  • After hearing your situation, Ser Redwald directs you to Soubinie. Visit the keeper of records and see if she knows anything of the missing researcher.
  • Soubinie informs you that the researcher left Falcon's Nest via a riverboat, the North Star. However, the vessel ran aground during the Calamity. Though no passengers are thought to have survived, the ship itself remains. She suggests you search the ship on the stretch of water where it froze in the western highlands.
  • You find the sack of void scholar's effects aboard the North Star, and the book you sought therein. Though the elements have not been kind, it is still legible. Present it to Surito Carito back near the Wanderer's Palace.
  • Surito Carito thanks you for the sack of void scholar's effects, and vows that he will find a way to trace the invisible voidsent. The day of reckoning draws near, and Surito bids you prepare yourself to face the fiend who spread the sickness.

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