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Y'mhitra Rhul


Female ♀
Miqo'te (Seeker of the Sun)
Old Gridania (10.9,6.3)
Sons of Saint Coinach
Y'shtola Rhul (paternal half-sister),
Y'rhul Nunh (father)
Quest NPC

"The tales my sister wove of the wild realm of Eorzea were what first encouraged me to visit. But beyond that initial curiosity, there is much in this land to interest an avid scholar."

— In-game description

Y'mhitra Rhul is a Miqo'te found in Old Gridania.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Austerities of Earth Job quest 35 Y'mhitra
Shadowing the Summoner Job quest 40 Y'mhitra
Allagan Attire Job quest 45 Y'mhitra
Austerities of Wind Job quest 45 Y'mhitra
Primal Burdens Job quest 50 Y'mhitra
A Fitting Tomestone Job quest 50 Y'mhitra
A Matter of Fact Job quest 52 Y'mhitra
A Book with Bite Job quest 60 Y'mhitra
Performing for Prin Job quest 63 Y'mhitra
An Egi-stential Crisis Job quest 65 Y'mhitra
Off the Record Job quest 68 Y'mhitra
An Art for the Living Job quest 70 Y'mhitra
To Be Second Best Sidequest 80 Y'mhitra

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Lost in the Lifestream Main Scenario quest 57 Alphinaud
Tataru's Surprise Main Scenario quest 57 Tataru
Austerities of Flame Job quest 30 Thubyrgeim
A Miner Negotiation Job quest 54 Dancing Wolf
Mad, Bad, and Ebon-clad Job quest 56 Dancing Wolf
I Could Have Tranced All Night Job quest 58 Dancing Wolf
A Flare for the Dramatic Job quest 60 Dancing Wolf
The Triumphs We Share Sidequest 60 Sultansworn Elite (NPC)

Y'mhitra will also provide assistance fighting in Hired Gunblades when bandits appear in Akupallu Falls.

Additional Information

Born the seventh of twelve sisters, this native of Sharlayan attended the prestigious Studium where she specialized in the field of archaeology. Upon graduating, Y'mhitra joined the Sons of Saint Coinach, an organization dedicated to unearthing the ancient civilization of Allag, and when the Crystal Tower speared through to the surface following the catastrophic events of the Seventh Umbral Calamity, she made the crossing to Eorzea alongside her colleagues to survey the surrounding ruins. It was during these excavations that the researchers discovered Allagan tomestones detailing the existence of summoners—powerful mages who practiced the technique of reshaping the stolen essence of primals into biddable avatars. Intrigued and excited, Y'mhitra relocated to Gridania to further pursue the trail of history and deepen her understanding of the summoning arts.

Encyclopedia Eorzea vol 1, "Y'mhitra Rhul", page 235


Players who reach Level 30 as Arcanist will first encounter Y'mhitra in the quest Austerities of Flame, where she becomes the player's mentor for the arts of the Summoner class. Over the next several quests, the player's Warrior of Light earns their Soul of the Summoner, and learns how to summon Ifrit-Egi, Titan-Egi, and Garuda-Egi, all thanks to Y'mhitra's careful research and tutelage.

Following their first successful summoning of Titan-Egi, the Warrior of Light and Y'mhitra are attacked by another, yet unknown Summoner, who aims to steal the Warrior of Light's soul crystal. After the two magi combine their powers to successfully repel the attack, Y'mhitra declares that the responsibility of bringing this rogue summoner to justice falls on them, lest the art of summoning fall out of public favor.[1]

Y'mhitra learns that the name of the Summoner that attacked them was named Tristan Nightflicker, and tasks the Warrior of Light with learning what they can of him from comrades in Little Ala Mhigo. Upon their return, Y'mhitra surmises that Tristan is incredibly intelligent to have laid a trap for them. The pair summon forth the Garuda-Egi and defeat it, allowing the Warrior of Light to call it forth.

Y'mhitra takes the Warrior of Light to Saint Coinach's Find upon learning that a suit of Summoner's attire had been uncovered in the Allagan Ruins. After clearing out several Mirrorknights that had appeared from the dig site, the Warrior of Light was gifted several pieces of the Evoker attire. Y'mhitra notes that the attire is similar to what Tristan was wearing. Though she was uncertain how he could have obtained such gear, she assured the Warrior of Light that it would offer no advantage to him, and they would have to rely on their skills in a confrontation next time.

Some time later, Y'mhitra receives a missive that several of her companions had been massacred by "a dark summoner". Upon investigating and speaking with survivors, she and the Warrior of Light learn that he had appeared just after the dig team had found an ancient Soul Crystal. When they had refused, he set their campground ablaze and took the crystals by force. Witnesses saw him head towards the Singing Shards.

At the Singing Shards, the pair saw Tristan dealing with an Ascian, who promised him the ultimate power of a Summoner, releasing the memories held in the Soul Crystals into Tristan before vanishing. He confronted Y'mhitra and the Warrior of Light with his newly obtained Belias-Egi, claiming that he would take back the Warrior of Light's Soul Crystal and purge the world of the Beast Tribes and stop the Primals from ever being summoned again.

After being defeated, Y'mhitra revealed that she understood his motivations-that he had lost his brother to a Primal's tempering, and that he had sworn revenge. In one last act of aggression, Tristan swore he would be the sword that purged the world of the beastmen, and called upon Ifrit-Egi for a massive attack. Unfortunately, Tristan ended up losing the last of his life in the attack.

Back at Apkallu Falls, Y'mhitra thought back about the events that had transpired, and that if Tristan had reached out to them instead of going on a murderous rampage, they may very well have been allies. She also turned over the Evoker's Coat, which had been given to her in exchange for the Warrior of Light bringing Tristan to justice.

Following the events of the banquet and the subsequent disappearance of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Kan-E-Senna requires an aetheric signature similar to Y'shtolas in order to track where she disappeared to after using the forbidden spell Flow. Using Y'mhitra, Kan-E-Senna is able to track Y'shtola in the Lifestream to the Guardian Tree, and is able to pull her from the Lifestream with her sister's help.

Y'mhitra aids the Warrior of Light by continuing to train them in honing their skills as a Summoner. She receives word that the Sons had uncovered yet more tomes regarding various spells and summoning methods, which may allow the Warrior of Light to call upon yet more Egis. However, upon realizing that they held the ability to potentially summon Ramuh-egi, when they reached the Singing Shards, they were unable to do so. disappointed but undeterred, Y'mhitra set about perusing the Allagan tomes to determine why.

Some time later, the pair were approached by Dancing Wolf, a captain in the Immortal Flames. He explains that there has been another attack by someone matching the description of Tristan, and sought Y'mhitra's and the Warrior of Light's help investigating. After much searching and planning, the trio eventually manage to lay a trap to catch the mage and defeat him. Upon his death, the mage in question is revealed to be Kahedin, Tristan's deceased brother. Confused as to how a man long dead was out attacking caravans, an Ascian of the Twelfth Chalice appeared, expressing his frustration at the weakness of the brothers, and that he would soon snuff out the Warrior of Light before disappearing.

After much research into the ancient tomes, Y'mhitra came to the realization that a Summoner can only call upon Egis that they would be able to sustain with their life force. Being able to call upon so many already, the Warrior of Light simply did not have the means to be able to summon any additional Egis. Instead, Y'mhitra proposed inducing a Trance, the ability to infuse the caster with the powers of the Primal instead of manifesting them. To handle the Ascian threat, Y'mhitra proposed channeling none other than Bahamut, the Primal that laid waste to Eorzea during the Seventh Umbral Calamity. To induce the Trance, the trio snuck into Carteneau Flats, entering into "contested" territory where the residual aether of Bahamut was its heaviest. While the Warrior of Light attuned to Bahamut's aether, Y'mhitra and Dancing Wolf held off the attacks of the Ascian that appeared and his egis. When the Warrior of Light entered their Trance, they were able to immediately destroy the summoned egis, causing the Ascian to panic and flee.

Y'mhitra realized that these lesser members of the Ascians were unable to perform several feats of their superiors, such as possess living bodies or escape to the Void, meaning that they could in fact defeat them if they destroyed the body they were currently processing and didn't have access to another corpse immediately. Y'mhitra planned to defeat the Ascians that had been tormenting her and the Warrior of Light, but claimed they needed a book from The Great Gubal Library. She, the Warrior of Light and Dancing Wolf made for the Dravanian Hinterlands.

Just outside the library, four black-masked Ascians ambushed the group, planning to kill them once and for all. Together, the trio took a stand, with the Warrior of Light entering into another Trance. Harnessing the powers of Bahamut, they were able to completely eradicate the Ascians bodies and souls, preventing them from returning and ending their threat. Y'mhitra revealed that she had learned that the heat of battle was what induced the full effects of the Trance, and they needed only to draw the Ascians to an optimal location. With the issue finally put to rest, Dancing Wolf returned to Ul'dah to hold a memorial for Tristan, and Y'mhitra to Gridania to carefully watch over the spread and cultivation of Summoning.

Y'mhitra was contacted by Rammbroes to let the Warrior of Light know that they had found another ancient tome nearby where they had found the Evoker's Attire, and felt it would be the most useful with them. Upon attempting to delve into its secrets, the book sprang to life, claiming to be a familiar from the ancient days of Allag, made to awaken and share the highest knowledge of summoning when in the presence of a powerful Summoner. Declaring itself to be named Principia (or Prin for short), the familiar said it must deliver three challenges in order to deem the Warrior of Light worthy of its ancient knowledge.

The first trial simply consisted of defeating a monster to demonstrate the power they wield, which they do handedly. Prin declares that they have indeed passed the first test, and were far more powerful than expected. While preparing the second, Y'mhitra is called away to deal with the new Summoning Squad of the Immortal Flames. When she returns, she is accompanied by Dancing Wolf. When the book declares that the second trial is a battle against other Summoners, Dancing Wolf offers up the squad in exchange for Y'mhitra and the Warrior of Light offering them some pointers. Agreeing to the terms, they meet up in Northern Thanalan. Denise, Crispin and Jajasamu are the members of the squad chosen for battle, and soon enough the Warrior of Light passes the second test.

Before the third test, Y'mhitra asks Prin about their master, Sari. Prin explains that Sari was one of the last Summoners of the Allagan era, as they were first loved by the people, but began to abuse their powers and were hunted and hated for it. Sari sought to keep the art alive and make sure his knowledge was passed to a Summoner with a good heart, which is why he locked his knowledge behind the trials.

For the third trial, Prin says they need an accurate simulation of a real battlefield, which Y'mhitra and Dancing Wolf arrange to be Seal Rock. However, before departing, the Summoning Squad and Dancing Wolf are attacked by a mage on the island. Rushing out there, Y'mhitra and the Warrior of Light find the group attacked by powerful Sephirot-egi's, and a strange Summoner, who Prin addresses as Master Sari. Sari adds an additional seal to Prin, tied to his life force, then wishes the Warrior of Light good luck before vanishing.

When Y'mhitra asked why Prin addressed the man as Sari, Prin answered that it recognized Sari's exact form and aetheric pattern. When Y'mhitra points out that its master has been dead for several millennia, they state that it may very well be a clone, a technique mastered by the Allagans long ago.

Y'mhitra suggests that they receive aid from Rammbroes. He has several tomestones that they may peruse, but he also suggests speaking to Rowena, who takes a portion of their findings in exchange for funding their digs. Y'mhitra delivers a letter to Rowena from Rammbroes stating that they would only borrow the books, and return them unscathed. After gathering the tomes, Y'mhitra and the Warrior of Light take them back to Saint Coinach's Find.

After much reading, they learn that Sari's research was taken to The Aetherochemical Research Facility of Azys Lla. Heading there with Y'mhitra, Dancing Wolf and the members of the Summoning Squad, the Warrior of Light embarks for the Facility. When they arrive, they split up to locate Sari. When the Warrior of Light finds him, he praises them for finding him, and will await them inside, then vanishes. Y'mhitra notes that he disappears just like a summoned being, and posits that he must be a complex summoned entity made by one of the machines built by Sari long ago.

Upon entering the facility, it is revealed that the machine has been designed to destroy any with a Summoners Soul Crystal, and summons forth several Sari replicas, as well as several other entities to fight the group. When the Warrior of Light finally manages to defeat the Summoning Node, Dancing Wolf searches the Facility to endure the machine was truly undone, and found several Soul Crystals within.

Upon reviewing the records from the facility, Y'mhitra found a record of unedited records of the past that show that Sari had become increasingly bitter and resentful, and decided that the future couldn't be trusted to new Summoners, and dedicated himself to Aetherochemistry, and built the machine they did battle with as a guardian of the world. He used his murdered students' Soul Crystals, further amplifying its summoning power. Choosing instead to remember him as the young Summoner master who created Prin and was hopeful about the future of Summoning. Prin consumed the old Soul Crystals to keep them safe, and with Sari's knowledge passed on, Principia returned to sleep, waiting for the next time they would be needed to pass on ancient Summoning knowledge. Y'mhitra returned to her duties as a guide for fledgling Summoners, and helped spread the craft.

  1. Shadowing the Summoner Y'hmitra: "It is our responsibility to bring this Tristan to justice. Should we stand idle, his reprehensible actions could very well stain the good name of future summoners who have yet to answer their calling. The art itself could be outlawed: the very mention of it, taboo."