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A Beacon for Bad Things

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A Beacon for Bad Things

White Mage Job Image 3.JPG
Quest giver
The Fringes (X:9.0, Y:11.9)
White Mage
Experience 105,000
Gil 2,064
Previous quest
An Aura for Trouble
Next quest
The Problem with Padjals

Sylphie is eager to resume the search for Gatty.

— In-game description


  • Survey the area.
  • Survey the area to the south.
  • Survey the area further to the south.
  • Catch up to Sylphie.
  • Protect Gatty!
  • Speak with Sylphie.


  • Sylphie is eager to resume the search for Gatty.
  • Sylphie explains that although she has spotted Gatty on several occasions, the girl always flees before she has a chance to speak to her. Using the whispers of the elementals as a guide, Sylphie is convinced that Gatty will soon be found again. Head to the area where she last saw the elusive child and begin another search.
  • As you scan the area, Sylphie senses a thread of unease to the south. Follow the acolyte and continue your search for the girl.
  • The sense of unease has grown stronger, leading you further south.
  • As you survey the area, you become aware that you are being watched by someone on the far bank of the river. You recognize the huntress, but she flees when she sees that you have spotted her. Sylphie gives chase, leaving you no choice but to hurry after them both.
  • You catch up to Sylphie to find her being threatened at arrowpoint. After a brief exchange, however, the huntress falls to her knees in obvious distress. A frantic Gatty then bursts from hiding, and is revealed to be a Padjal. Her aether flares wildly, the energies drawing in waves of hungry voidsent which you and Sylphie are forced to engage in battle. Speak with the acolyte once more.
  • Once the fiends are defeated, you learn that the huntress─Gatty's mother, Sanche─fled Gridania with her newborn child rather than hand her over to the Conjurers' Guild. Sylphie warns of the danger the girl's untamed aether represents, and offers to teach Gatty without betraying her presence to the guildmaster. Return to Castrum Oriens, and learn how Sylphie means to proceed.
  • Sylphie seems determined to allow Gatty to remain with her mother, and you feel compelled to go along with her plan. You wonder, however, if defying Gridania's traditions is truly the safest path for the young Padjal...
    • ※The next white mage quest will be available from Sylphie upon reaching level 68.