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Sweet Dreams Are Made of Peace

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Sweet Dreams Are Made of Peace

Three's a Company Image.png
Quest giver
New Gridania (X:10.1, Y:11.6)
Experience 216,000
Gil 3,100
Previous quest
Feature QuestSleeping Truths Lie
Next quest
Side QuestA Harmony from the Heavens

Guydelot is keenly waiting to see how the Order of the Twin Adder will move.

— In-game description




Solo Duty

Nourval will appear in the center and mock you. In addition to him, there will be at least 2-3 bowmen and a couple lancers. Make short work of them using a combination of AOE and direct attacks. Once you take out the others, the real fight begins.

Nourval will switch between attacking you and Guydelot. Stick near Guydelot if you require healing, otherwise kite Nourval. Attacks which cause damage over time work very well, such as Venomous Bite.png  Venomous Bite and Windbite.png  Windbite.

At one point, Nourval will Bind icon1.png Bind Guydelot in chains, which can be targeted. Switch between attacking the binding and Nourval to free Guydelot. Once Guydelot is free, Nourval will begin using an AOE attack called Earth Crusher, the attack itself is a circular attack telegraphed by a cone on the ground. Avoid this attack and continue attacking Nourval until he is defeated.



  • Guydelot is keenly waiting to see how the Order of the Twin Adder will move.
  • The Order of the Twin Adder has made its will known: they refuse to negotiate with Nourval, effectively abandoning Sanson to his fate. As Guydelot lets vent his fury at the heartless decision, Commander Heuloix emerges as an ally, revealing that he has already recruited the aid of Gridania's martial guilds for Sanson's rescue. Speak with Luciane and Ywain at the Archers' and Lancers' Guilds respectively, and inform them that the mission will soon commence.
  • Both the archers and the lancers are ready to strike out. Take word back to Commander Heuloix at the Adders' Nest.
  • In urgent tones, Commander Heuloix informs you that the Order of the Twin Adder has ascertained Nourval's hideout, and will soon deploy troops for an assault. Unless you get there first, Sanson is as good as dead. Make haste to the North Shroud, and join Guydelot at Alder Springs.
  • With help from your allies, you succeed in subduing Nourval and liberating Sanson. Rejoin your comrades in the North Shroud.
  • At first, Nourval clings to his hatred for Ala Mhigo, but confronted with the truth of his ancestors' hearts, he is forced to concede the error of his ways. Reaching out to his erstwhile captor, Sanson swears to see to it that Vainchelon's sacrifice is not forgotten. With the situation now under control, turn your attention to Sanson and ensure that he is well.
  • Thanking you for his preservation, Sanson declares his intent to make good on his promise to Nourval. Return with your comrades to Gridania, and seek out Commander Heuloix at the Adders' Nest.
  • Commander Heuloix listens intently as Sanson states his terms for surrendering Gylbarde's journal: when the time is right, the Order of the Twin Adder must release the truth of Vainchelon's death to the public. The commander promises to do all within his power to make it so, and encourages Sanson to rise through the ranks that he, too, might join his voice to the cause. While Guydelot keeps watch over his recovering chief, seek out Jehantel at his campsite west of Quarrymill, and report the conclusion of events.
  • Jehantel expresses his hopes that Nourval will find a new path─one that leads to peace in the world and in his heart. With you and yours leading the way, the ideals of peace and harmony may yet be restored to Vainchelon's line, made bolder still by a true remembrance of the past.