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Save the Last Dance for Me

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Save the Last Dance for Me

Dancer quest image1.png
Quest giver
Ranaa Mihgo
New Gridania (X:10.0, Y:11.8)
Experience 216,000
Gil 3,587
Previous quest
Feature QuestHigh-steppin' in the Holy See
Next quest
Side QuestRising to the Occasion

Ranaa Mihgo has a letter in hand and is excitedly waving it in your direction.

— In-game description




You will need Stormblood MSQ Main Scenario QuestHeavens Weep for access to Ala Gannha.



  • Ranaa Mihgo has a letter in hand and is excitedly waving it in your direction.
  • Good tidings have arrived in the form of a missive from Mistress Nashmeira; it would appear that the stage has been set for your performance in Ala Mhigo, the final stop of Troupe Falsiam's tour of Eorzea. Travel to the village of Ala Gannha in Gyr Abania with Ranaa, that you might rendezvous with the troupe leader and prepare for your greatest challenge yet in your career as a dancer.
  • You rendezvous with Ranaa in Ala Gannha, though curiously Mistress Nashmeira is nowhere to be found. You and your fellow young star nevertheless resolve to soldier on alone in your quest to bring hope and light to the shadow-plagued hearts of the Ala Mhigans. Take a deep breath, stretch your legs, and speak to Ranaa when you are prepared to take the stage.
  • Along with Ranaa and Nashmeira, who makes a triumphant return to the stage to offer much-needed aid in your time of greatest crisis, you succeed in drawing out the darkness from within the hearts of the populace and consigning it to oblivion. The battle won─at least for the time being─you decide to speak with the Troupe Falsiam leader and ask for her honest appraisal of your performance.
  • Somewhat surprisingly, the demanding taskmaster Nashmeira has nothing but effusive praise for your and Ranaa's performance. The Troupe Falsiam principal humbly suggests that the two of you likely did not require her assistance after all, a sentiment quickly dismissed by Ranaa, who has lived out one of her lifelong dreams by sharing the stage with her mentor. Mistress Nashmeira introduces you to the elusive friend who helped her in organizing Troupe Falsiam's journey to Eorzea, who turns out to be none other than the legendary songstress F'lhaminn. Speak to Ranaa Mihgo and see if she has any parting thoughts to share before you return to the road.
  • Thanks in no small part to your efforts, Troupe Falsiam's tour of Eorzea has concluded as a resounding success, and the time has now come for your companions to return home to Radz–at–Han. You prepare to make the long journey back to Limsa Lominsa, that you might see them off at the docks for a proper farewell.
  • After some consideration, Troupe Falsiam has decided to sojourn on Eorzean shores for the time being. You thank Nashmeira and Ranaa for their mentorship and company, and resolve to continue to hone your dancing skills in preparation for the day when you are once again summoned to take the stage with your friends.