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Appetite for Destruction

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Appetite for Destruction

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Quest giver
Mor Dhona (X:21.7, Y:7.8)
Experience 100,000
Gil 1,413
Previous quest
Feature QuestStop the Senseless Killing
Next quest
Feature QuestA Fistful of Resolve

Time is running out to rescue D'zentsa, and Widargelt is uncharacteristically unsettled.

— In-game description




The coffer contents are the Artifact Armor for Heavensward, which is Item Level 210 former Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics gear. The coffer was added to this quest with the launch of Stormblood. The rest of the set is available at Yolaine in Foundation (X:13.1, Y:11.9) for Centurio Seal Centurio Seals.



  • Time is running out to rescue D'zentsa, and Widargelt is uncharacteristically unsettled.
  • Though you have not found a way to open your final chakra, you must confront H'raha Tia now, or D'zentsa's life will be forfeit. Widargelt bids you join him and O'tchakha near Little Ala Mhigo in southern Thanalan ahead of the rescue mission.
  • Desperate to save her friend, O'tchakha bids you fight her, that you might open your final chakra. However, Widargelt will not hear of it. He harbors the hope that, in joining hands, you may yet defeat H'raha Tia. Prepare yourself for the confrontation, and tell Widargelt when you are ready to proceed to the southern ruins, where D'zentsa has been taken.
  • At the ruins, Widargelt attempts to convince H'raha Tia that fighting one another is not the way. Alas, the master of the sect of shadow will not be swayed from his beliefs, and he sets upon you with fists and feet flying. In the midst of battle, your final chakra opens, allowing you to do battle with H'raha Tia on even footing. And with D'zentsa's belated help, you succeed in overcoming him and his pupils. As the dust settles, speak with Widargelt south of Little Ala Mhigo to know his mind on the battle's outcome.
  • The pursuit of power was once thought to be the sole route to greatness among the disciples of the Fist of Rhalgr. But by your shining example, this old preconception has been shattered, giving way to alternate paths. Together with D'zentsa and O'tchakha, Widargelt will strive to rebuild the order as it once was, reuniting the sects of light and shadow. As the paragon for a new generation of monks, see to it that you ever exercise your powers for the good of the realm.
    • ※The next monk quest will be available from Erik once you have met the following requirements:
    • ※ You must have completed the main scenario quest “The Far Edge of Fate.”