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Blue Gold

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Blue Gold

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Quest giver
Maudlin Latool Ja
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.5, Y:13.0)
Blue Mage
Learn 1000 Needles.png  1000 Needles
Experience 5,390
Gil 754
Previous quest
Scream Blue Murder
Next quest
The Real Folk Blues

Latool Ja seems positively perturbed.

— In-game description


1000 Needles.png  1000 Needles is used by:

Creature Level Race Clan Location
Sabotender Bailaor 25-27 Seedkin Cactuar Southern Thanalan (13.4,13.8)
Sabotender Desertor 38 Seedkin Cactuar Dungeon creature Cutter's Cry



  • Latool Ja seems positively perturbed.
  • Latool Ja, in a state of panic, informs you that Martyn has been grievously wounded while performing in the Masked Carnivale, apparently a result of his exhaustion from appearing in a vastly increased number of shows. Just as you and Latool Ja are about to discuss what is to become of your training regime, Whastrach makes an unexpected arrival. Despite sharing a somewhat prickly relationship with Martyn, he offers to act as your mentor in his stead, and share his knowledge of blue magic. Although you have your suspicions, you agree to meet him in western Thanalan for your first lesson together.
  • Much to your surprise, you find Whastrach standing next to a magitek vanguard, which he says he had restored after it was abandoned by the Garleans. Since he apparently has no further use for it, he suggests using it as a target on which to practice your blue magic, neglecting to mention that the warmachina has been programmed to answer your assault with lethal force. Although you are accustomed to combating more organic foes, your spells prove to be equally effective against metallic opposition.
  • Whastrach praises your proficiency in the use of blue magic, although he views the art as a relic of a bygone age, along with all traditional disciplines of combat taught in Eorzea. He posits that the face of warfare has changed, leaving armed soldiers largely obsolete, with units of warmachina replacing them on the front lines. To power these magitek armies, vast amounts of ceruleum will be required, which Whastrach and his organization are looking to control. He even suggests that you would be well suited to serving his company in some unknown capacity, though he chooses not to pressure you into a decision at this juncture, giving you something to ponder on your way back to Ul'dah.
  • Outside the Celestium, your conversation with Whastrach is interrupted by Martyn, who has ignored the chirurgeon's orders and left the infirmary. To the surprise of everyone, Whastrach volunteers to assist in producing medicine and delivering it to the Whalaqee. While you cannot help but wonder how he came to know Martyn's closely guarded secret, a man of his influence and financial clout would be a valuable ally in the fight against the epidemic. Martyn clearly has reservations about letting Whastrach take over the operation while he remains bedridden, but swallows his pride and begrudgingly accepts. The ceruleum merchant leaves to begin the preparations, leaving Martyn free to voice his concerns, although he seems for the most part to have been convinced of Whastrach's sincerity. Fortunately for you, he has not forgotten about his promise to help you prepare for the Masked Carnivale, and recommends that you learn the spell Glower.