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No Butts About It

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No Butts About It

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.5, Y:13.0)
Blue Mage
Learn Rehydration.png  Rehydration
Experience 56,880
Gil 1,393
Previous quest
Feature QuestGridania's Most Wanted
Next quest
Feature QuestA New Gold Standard

Judging by P'yandih's relaxed demeanor, you are beginning to think guild management is easier than Martyn led you to believe.

— In-game description


Rehydration.png  Rehydration is available via:

Open World

Creature Level Race Clan Location
Slippery Armadillo 70 Beastkin Armadillo Amh Araeng (32.5,9.5)



  • Speak with Martyn at the Holy Stables in Ishgard.
  • Gather information at the Last Vigil.
  • Speak with Martyn.
  • Speak with the tournament attendant.
  • Speak with Martyn.
  • Speak with Martyn.
  • Speak with Martyn in Ul'dah.


  • Judging by P'yandih's relaxed demeanor, you are beginning to think guild management is easier than Martyn led you to believe.
  • In the quest for your nemesis, Martyn has set his sights on the Holy See of Ishgard, and invites you to meet him there at the Holy Stables. Why he would choose such a peculiar location, only the Fury knows.
  • You find Martyn at the Holy Stables, tending to its “bestest boy.” He explains that with the Dragonsong War ended, Ishgard's soldiers have been holding tournaments at the Lightfeather Proving Grounds to keep their lances sharp and skills honed. Regular spectators at the Last Vigil have doubtless seen enough tournament bouts to suggest a fighter worthy to be your nemesis. He bids you go ahead and wait for him there while he finishes his duties at the stable.
  • You speak with several patrons at the Last Vigil, all of whom name the same tournament champion─Ser Alaimbert of the Spiked Butt. Perhaps Martyn has heard tell of other promising prospects.
  • All roads lead back to Ser Alaimbert, but the question remains of whether he is indeed stronger than Martyn. As they are still taking entrants for the next upcoming tournament, your blue mage companion intends to find out.
  • The tournament attendant regrettably informs you the tournament is restricted to lancers and dragoons. Fortunately, Ser Alaimbert happens to overhear the conversation and, being enthused by the prospect of fighting a mage, insists Martyn be allowed to participate in an exhibition match. With the matter settled, Martyn makes to prepare himself for battle.
  • Martyn is beginning to believe Ser Alaimbert may be the one to best him, and prove himself worthy of being your nemesis. The revelation vexes him, because it would mean conceding defeat in full view of you, his dear protégé. The matter is compounded when the tournament attendant tells you both that the school of blue magic is strictly forbidden. But Martyn has come too far to back down, and so he steels himself as he enters the arena.

As one might expect, Ser Alaimbert is relentless, and without use of blue magic, Martyn quickly finds himself on the back foot. The situation seems dire as Ser Alaimbert readies to deal a finishing blow, but in a last-ditch effort to protect his pride, Martyn unleashes a series of devastating spells to seal a narrow victory.

  • The dust settles, and you are surprised to find that Royse was in attendance for Martyn's spectacular display of magic. It was a bittersweet victory, however, because it proved that Ser Alaimbert was sadly unfit to be your nemesis. Or so it would seem. Now realizing Martyn is capable of wielding more than blue magic, she insists that he become the rival you have been searching for. He is understandably confused, but before he can form a convincing argument to refuse, she ushers you all back to Ul'dah to begin preparations.
  • There is naught to do but wait until the Celestium is ready to host its newest attraction. To that end, Martyn bids you rest and prepare for what is to come.