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Pirates of Shallow Water

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Pirates of Shallow Water

Quest giver
Broken Mountain
Upper La Noscea (X:30.2, Y:21.8)

Experience 25,740
Gil 844
Previous quest
The Bear Necessity
Next quest
How to Train Your Warrior

Broken Mountain knows someone in need of a legendary adventurer.

— In-game description






  • Speak with the Storm Captain at Aleport at Western La Noscea (27x,28y).
  • Speak with the Storm Captain at the Isles of Umbra Western La Noscea (15x,29y).
  • Speak with the Storm Captain and defeat the Pirates.
  • After defeating the Pirates, speak to the Storm Captain again.
  • Speak with the Storm Captain and defeat more Pirates.
  • After defeating the Pirates, speak to the Storm Captain again.
  • Speak with the Serpent Reaver Captain and his Black Coeurl.
  • Rescue the Storm Captain.
  • Speak with the Storm Captain.


  • Wheiskaet informs you that pirates in thrall to the Sahagin have started brazen attacks along the La Noscean coasts, further straining the already-limited resources of the Maelstrom. He has requested that you aid him in the defense of Limsa Lominsa, and promises fierce battles that will test even your battle-worn axe. Report to Aleport and speak with the storm captain for details of your mission.
  • The storm captain begins the mission briefing, informing you that the Serpent Reavers plan to mount an offensive from the sea, using the Isles of Umbra as a foothold. Determining that the best course of action is to scatter the pirates before they have a chance to carry out their attack, he instructs you to make haste to the isles. Speak with the captain once you have landed ashore the Isles of Umbra.
  • The captain's assault against the Serpent Reavers on the Isles of Umbra has begun. Speak to the storm captain to join in the fray.
  • The troops are making steady progress into the pirate foothold. Speak with the storm captain to find out where to proceed to next.
  • Although several allies have fallen to the reavers' blades, you manage to cut through their next line of defense. The storm captain's face has a look of desperate determination─speak with him to find out where the next step of pirate killing begins.
  • The remnants of the Maelstrom outfit have suffered through several waves of relentless Serpent Reavers, but the pirate encampment is finally in sight. Speak with the storm captain once more before proceeding.
  • The Serpent Reaver captain is in sight, with his ferocious beast in tow. Save the storm captain from the pirate's barrage and steel yourself for the final battle.
  • The Reaver captain and his pet monster are no match for a warrior who follows in the path of Mythril Heart. Rescue the storm captain and scatter the last remnants of the Serpent Reavers.
  • You've rescued the storm captain, who expresses his gratitude for your help in repelling the Serpent Reavers. However, he is hesitant to remain on the Isles of Umbra for a second longer than he has to, and bids the party meet up again at Aleport. Speak with the storm captain again once everyone is safely out of those haunted isles.
  • The morale and strength the troops gain from your presence was key to your victory, and despite the relative weakness of the Serpent Reavers, the souls of the warriors' ancestors bestow upon you a new technique, indicating that the resolve to defend your allies is just as effective as resolving to kill your enemies. After you have recovered from your ordeal, speak with the captain again.