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Hired Gunblades

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Hired Gunblades

Gunbreaker quest image1.png
Quest giver
East Shroud (X:17.1, Y:21.9)
Experience 100,000
Gil 2,661
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Makings of a Gunbreaker
Next quest
Feature QuestFor Better or Worse

Radovan is keen for you to put your newly acquired skills into practice.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Radovan in the Carline Canopy.
  • Speak with Lassenchou outside the Wailing Barracks.
  • Speak with locals around Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre.
  • Share your findings with Radovan.
  • Speak with Lassenchou.
  • Speak with Lassenchou.
  • Speak with Editha.
  • Speak with Radovan in the Quicksand.
  • Head for Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre!
  • Quiz the locals!
  • Protect Editha and defeat the assailants!


  • Radovan is keen for you to put your newly acquired skills into practice.
  • With your gunblade and soul crystal in hand, you have everything you need to begin your training as a gunbreaker. Instead of employing traditional methods, Radovan would rather you learned on the job, and suggests seeking work in Gridania. Since he and Sophie are newcomers to the Shroud, you suggest that they make the Adventurers' Guild their first port of call.
  • You arrive at the Carline Canopy to discover that not only have Sophie and Radovan registered as adventurers, they have also been given the details of someone seeking to hire bodyguards. You follow your new companions to the Wailing Barracks to meet a man named Lassenchou, your first client.
  • Following the briefest of introductions, Lassenchou reveals that the renowned harpsichordist Editha's life may be in danger. In addition to receiving a death threat, she narrowly escaped being injured by a stone thrown during a recent performance. In his capacity as her manager, Lassenchou has ordered that she remain inside until the perpetrator can be brought to justice. However, the musician has expressed her reluctance to remain confined any longer and insists upon taking an invigorating stroll through the sun-dappled groves of Gridania. As your task is to keep her safe from harm during the outing, Radovan suggests scouting the area and questioning the locals to ascertain the nature of those who seek to intimidate Editha.
  • Quizzing a handful of Gridanians reveals a range of opinions on the popular harpsichordist. Perhaps the most pertinent tidbit of information is that some of Editha's followers have taken their infatuation to worrying levels, which Radovan will no doubt be interested to hear.
  • You find Radovan engaged in a rather one-sided conversation with a lady named Ondine, who seems all too eager to share her opinions with any and all who will listen. Her views are in line with the general consensus that the person threatening Editha is likely to be one of her admirers, although Radovan avoids jumping to conclusions for the time being, deciding to view anyone and all with equal suspicion. Although he would prefer to obtain more reliable information before beginning the assignment, he decides against keeping the client waiting for longer than necessary.
  • You return to Lassenchou to find him bedecked in an elaborate suit of armor, seemingly intent on joining you, while Editha prances around, blissfully oblivious to the danger she faces. Though Radovan is clearly exasperated that your charge has next to no chance of remaining undetected, he formulates a plan of action, wherein you and your mentor will lead the mission while Lassenchou and Sophie remain behind, ready to provide support if needed. Upon embarking on what is supposed to be a sedate promenade through Gridania, you are soon accosted by bandits and savage creatures, all commanded by an enigmatic masked woman.
  • Overwhelmed by the combined might of two gunbreakers, the masked villain is forced to reveal her true identity: Ondine, one of the locals you spoke with during your investigation. She, like Editha, is a harpsichordist, although her popularity waned as her followers deserted her in favor of her young rival. Her hatred festering within her, Ondine sought the cooperation of local highwaymen, and even hired them to assassinate Editha on the road through the Shroud. In a bizarre turn of events, Sophie's distinctive Viera ears were mistaken for the musician's trademark bunny crown adornment, leading the bandits to attack Sophie instead. While your assignment has ended successfully, there is one more matter Editha wishes to discuss with you in private─a secret to which even her manager Lassenchou cannot be made privy.
  • In a secluded corner of the Greatloam Growery, Editha reveals her true identity: she is in fact a disguised sylph. Dispelling her glamour, she explains that she has been visiting Gridania and enchanting the crowds with her prodigious harpsichord playing, with no one suspecting a thing, least of all Lassenchou. Although she was under no obligation to share this secret with you, she felt that since you risked your lives to protect her, you deserved to know the truth. She also states that her desire to walk outside was not merely a selfish whim, but one born of the utmost necessity, as sylphs wilt and eventually die if deprived of the sun's rays. After Editha says her farewells, Radovan takes the opportunity to tell you more of the gunbreaker's origins and his clan's place in keeping their traditions alive. Since he is the last survivor of his people, it is his duty to pass the art of the gunblade on to the next generation, with you as the prime candidate to become his successor. While the burden is indeed a heavy one, he is committed to helping you gain the necessary skills and experience. As they intend to broaden their horizons, Sophie and Radovan suggest moving on to Ul'dah to seek out their next client.
  • Sophie and Radovan have already begun looking for work, although their search has yet to bear fruit. Rather than waiting idly for a chance to come your way, Radovan recommends that you use the time available to work on your sword arm, so that you may be ready for whatever fate has in store.