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The Makings of a Gunbreaker

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The Makings of a Gunbreaker

Gunbreaker quest image1.png
Quest giver
Gods' Quiver Bow
New Gridania (X:11.5, Y:11.9)
Experience 50,000
Gil 1,094
Next quest
Hired Gunblades

An anxious member of the Gods' Quiver is haranguing passersby, presumably for some worthy cause.

※This quest will unlock the gunbreaker job.

— In-game description




  • Survey the designated area in the East Shroud.
  • Defeat the highwayman.
  • Aid the weary swordsman.
  • Speak with Radovan.


  • An anxious member of the Gods' Quiver is haranguing passersby, presumably for some worthy cause.
    ※This quest will unlock the gunbreaker job.
  • While passing through Gridania, a highly strung Gods' Quiver bow beckons you over. They are attempting to track down a gang of highwaymen who have been preying on those traversing the Shroud, and they aim to widen the net by hiring adventurers. Before payment or even your willingness to participate can be discussed, you are instructed to proceed to the Bramble Patch and apprehend any suspicious individuals.
  • Barely have you arrived when you spy a pair of outlandish travelers being accosted by bandits. Although they appear to have the measure of their assailants, the situation swiftly takes a turn for the worse when one of them inexplicably collapses, leaving his conjurer friend alone to defend herself.
  • The highwaymen were unprepared for your timely intervention and paid the ultimate price for their cowardly ambush. The young healer is thankfully unharmed, and her sword-wielding companion is crestfallen but alive.
  • The Gods' Quiver bow offers his thanks for your contribution to the cause, though he fears there may still be bandits in the vicinity. You are asked to escort the two travelers to Gridania, who introduce themselves as Radovan and Sophie, recent escapees from Garlean-held territory in the north. Radovan reveals that he was once forced against his will to fight as an imperial conscript, and having cut all ties, now wishes to start a new life as a bodyguard in Eorzea. After witnessing the ease with which you disposed of the highwaymen, he asks for your help in his endeavors, and in exchange, offers to tutor you in the art of the gunbreaker. Radovan chooses not to press you for an answer, instead giving you time to consider his offer.
  • Having accepted Radovan's proposal, he places a gunbreaker soul crystal in your hand, and the power within is almost tangible. Once you have made the necessary preparations, you will be ready to wield the gunblade and master its myriad techniques.