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AST HW quest image2.png
Quest giver
The Pillars (X:15, Y:10)
Experience 49,920
Gil 993
Previous quest
Empty Nest
Next quest
Feather in the Cap

Jannequinard appears to have information on your next symposium.

— In-game description





  • Jannequinard appears to have information on your next symposium.
  • The location of the next symposium has been chosen by the Vault, and it is even smaller and more secluded than the last─the Convictory in the lower basin of the Coerthas western highlands. Travel to the camp and speak with Leveva as to how you shall proceed.
  • Leveva feels that the board has been set for you to lose, so she decides not to play by the rules, and instead of holding a symposium, she suggests that you use your astromancy to grant succor to wounded Convictors in the form of Aspected Benefic.
  • The wounded knights you heal make miraculous recoveries. Speak with Leveva and ask her if there is aught else you can do.
  • Leveva is stabbed by a Sharlayan disguised as a wounded Convictor. However, she is no ordinary Sharlayan. A well-timed piece of exposition reveals her to be the same tattooed Sharlayan who has been attempting to kidnap Leveva since she arrived in the Black Shroud. She claims that she has been hired to bring Leveva back to the Old World, but you successfully drive her off before she can act. Join Jannequinard and cast Aspected Benefic on Leveva before her wound takes her.
  • Jannequinard reveals to Leveva that he knew her father, and that he was with him when he was killed. He hands over her father's diary, which the Ishgardian astrologian has been carrying around as a keepsake since the day Rufin passed. With renewed faith in her cause, Leveva decides to remain at the Convictory and use her magicks to heal more soldiers.
  • You speak with Jannequinard one last time. After considering the danger Leveva now finds herself in, Jannequinard agrees to teach you a more potent form of the spell Malefic.