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The Way of the Samurai

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The Way of the Samurai

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Quest giver
Ul'dahn Citizen
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:9.2, Y:9.1)
Any Disciples of War or Magic Lv. 50
Experience 23,400
Gil 517
Next quest
Master Musosai

An Ul'dahn citizen is ripe to burst with excitement and seeks a hapless passerby upon whom to unburden himself.

— In-game description




  • Speak with the silver-tongued showmaster.
  • Speak with the Far Eastern elder.


  • An Ul'dahn citizen is ripe to burst with excitement and seeks a hapless passerby upon whom to unburden himself.
  • As you walk along Emerald Avenue, you are accosted by an excited citizen who claims to have witnessed some truly amazing bladework at the Coliseum. To hear him tell it, an elderly Far Eastern gentleman is calling for challengers as pre-fight entertainment, but contrary to all expectations, he has been dropping both opponents and viewers' jaws with his sublime skills. Finding your interest piqued in these Far Eastern warriors known as samurai, you consider seeking out the silver-tongued showmaster.
  • The silver-tongued showmaster apprises you of the rules: challengers must fight the old samurai with the selfsame blade he wields, and those who best him will be awarded a rare Hingan treasure. If you believe you have what it takes, the showmaster instructs you to make yourself known to the Far Eastern elder within the Gladiators' Guild.
  • Introducing himself as Musosai, the Far Eastern elder lends you an unusual sword and what appears to be a soulstone for your duel. Take up the mythrite uchigatana and wear the stone upon your person, and you will become a samurai in name─if not in sooth.
  • ※The next samurai quest will be available from Musosai.




Far Eastern Elder: This aura... Unusual, yet undoubtedly formidable. Dare I hope a worthy challenger has come?

Musosai: Well met, friend. I am Musosai, a samurai of Hingashi.

Musosai: Lest you wonder, samurai are swordsmen of the Far East. Yet know that the swords we wield are unlike those of this land. Katana, they are called, and for our duel I shall lend you such a blade...along with a stone─a talisman of sorts.

Musosai: Wear them on your person, and you shall become one of us─at least in appearance if not in sooth.

Musosai: Ah, yes, in your gaze I see the stirrings of a newborn samurai. 'Tis plain the stone has already bequeathed some of its memories unto you.

Musosai: Yet having the memories is one thing, mastering them quite another. We shall see how well you fare against me. Prepare yourself, young samurai; we begin as soon as you are ready.

Musosai: You are ready, then? Good, good, let us take to the arena.

Silver-tongued Showmaster: Gather ye 'round and bear witness, for another brave challenger has appeared! Next to face Musosai, swordmaster of the Far East, we itinerant adventurer!

???: Hold it right there!

???: No one gets to take down that old bastard 'cept me, Beroald the Last Standing! Scourge of the Sands!

Beroald: You made a fool of me earlier, but this time there'll be no tricks! This time I fight with my own sword, not that pathetic excuse for a needle you handed me!

Silver-tongued Showmaster: What's this? Boneheaded Beroald, who was so roundly trounced but moments ago, has invaded the bloodsands!

Silver-tongued Showmaster: For those who came in late, he's the disgraced gladiator who was cast out of the Coliseum for─and I paraphrase─being an all-round odious brute!

Musosai: The rules were plain, and you agreed to them. There were no tricks.

Beroald: Shut your mouth and fight me again!

Musosai: Such eagerness for blood. The warriors of this land are as naked blades.

Beroald: I-I'll get you next time!

Musosai: And with that distraction out of the way, we may continue where we left off.

Silver-tongued Showmaster: It begins! How will this challenger fare against the enigmatic elder?

Musosai: Now then, let us see how well you wield the katana.

Musosai: Come at me with all your might.

Musosai: There is no need to hold back.

Musosai: Yes! Let your blade steep in strength ere you unleash it!

Musosai: The stone harbors the techniques of the samurai. You must draw them forth.

Musosai: Well! To master such an advanced technique so quickly!

Musosai: Impressive! A technique born of arduous trials, yet you've already made it your own!

Musosai: That will do. Victory is yours, young one.

Silver-tongued Showmaster: And the challenger wins!

Musosai: To draw forth such strength from the stone in so short a time... You are no ordinary man.

Musosai: As promised, I shall bestow upon you the rarest of Hingan treasures: training in the way of the samurai!

Musosai: What is the matter? Our techniques are not found in this land, hence their great worth.

Musosai: As my pupil, you would train under my watchful eye and learn even the most puissant of my techniques.

Familiar Voice: Why, you lying bastard!

Beroald: All that fighting and there wasn't even any coin in it!?

Silver-tongued Showmaster: What's this!? Boneheaded Beroald is back, and this time he's brought friends! This man doesn't know when to give up!

      • Boneheaded Beroald turns to the Silver-tongued Showmaster in the stands and waves his fists in the air.***

Beroald: You got a problem, come down here and say it!

Musosai: At no point was it said that the treasure is an object, let alone coin. Besides, winning it was well beyond you.

Beroald: Shut the hells up! This time, I'll show you my true strength!

Musosai: Your strength lies in numbers, 'twould seem. Very well, if you insist on another trouncing, then so be it. But know that this time 'tis not I who will deal it, but my pupil.

Musosai: Having seen your potential firsthand, he and his ilk ought not pose you any trouble.

Beroald: Whoever he is, take care of him, too!

Silver-tongued Showmaster: Oh, dear, this isn't in the script! The duel has become a free-for-all, and it's the challenger against all!

Beroald the Last Standing: No one makes a fool of me in my Coliseum!

Beroald the Last Standing: Feather him! The so-called pupil!

Beroald the Last Standing: Bloody hopeless, the lot of you!

Beroald the Last Standing: Let's see how your puny sword fares against an axe or two!

Beroald the Last Standing: Bah, if you want something done right...

Beroald the Last Standing: No one beats me in my Coliseum! No one!

Silver-tongued Showmaster: Oho, Beroald joins his own fight! Finally!

Silver-tongued Showmaster: Student samurai versus grizzled gladiator! Who will prevail in this clash between good and ugly?

Beroald the Last Standing: S-Sod this! I'm gonna make you hurt, old man, if it's the last thing I do! Yaaaaaargh!

Musosai: ...You are done? Then allow me.

A blast of energy from Musosai slams Beroald back, and Beroald promptly falls in defeat.***

Musosai: Hahaha, not even worth drawing my blade. Well fought, young one. I have seen all I need to see.

Silver-tongued Showmaster: And the winner is the challenger! What fearsome fighters, these samurai! Let's give him a rousing applause!

Musosai: Forgive me, I know it was wrong to force that fight upon you. And yet I find I do not regret having done so, for it has reaffirmed beyond any doubt the promise I had glimpsed in you.

Musosai: Long did I search in my native land for a pupil, but I found none fit to be a vessel for my knowledge. The problem, I concluded, lay in my people's way of thinking─the zeal with which they uphold tradition to the detriment of all else.

Musosai: So it was that I set forth for a new land, this Heir's Ear. I placed myself in the midst of your most able swordsmen, offering myself up as a spectacle in hopes of finding a worthy soul.

Musosai: And find him I did─in you. Now, I realize how all this may appear. To you, I could be but a strange old fool spouting nonsense, but I am well past caring about appearances.

Musosai: I speak with all earnesty when I say that there is none other into whom I would pour my knowledge. And so I ask you, will you consent to being my pupil?

    • > Yes**

Musosai: Ahhh, words cannot well express my joy! From this moment on, we are master and student!

Musosai: Now then, I would know your name. By what are you called?

Musosai: [Forename]... 'Tis a fine name. Without further ado, [Forename], we shall commence your training. Pray join me at the nearby tavern─the Slick Hand.

Musosai: I shall begin at the very beginning. In the distant past, Hingashi underwent a period of strife, during which numerous opposing factions vied for supremacy: the Age of Blood.

Musosai: In this age, full many took to battle with katana in hand, and in the crucible of war our art was forged─the way of the samurai.

Musosai: Eventually, the realm was unified under one banner and peace reigned once more. The people set aside their katana, save for we samurai, who continue to wield it as symbol of authority. And with that authority comes a grave responsibility: protecting the peace.

Musosai: To ensure that the Age of Blood is never repeated, we samurai seek out the wicked and bring them to account. In so doing, we ward off chaos and preserve order in the realm. Such is our calling.

Musosai: Hingashi or Heir's Ear, it matters not where we are; this calling guides us always. To that end, we shall journey the land, you and I, on a quest to right wrongs. As one who has grasped the foundations of our art, it is your surest path to mastery.

Musosai: Our efforts begin in this very city. I shall cast about for evil that has taken root here, and then we may proceed to excise it.

Silver-tongued Showmaster: Well now, that certainly got exciting quick! But with some even quicker thinking, I managed to set up a wager and turn a tidy profit!

Musosai: Momozigo, I owe you a debt of gratitude. Thanks to you, I have found my pupil at long last. I pray that you will live comfortably with your winnings.

Momozigo: Actually, I had a mind to join you; wherever you go, I sense that coin will follow. And besides, it seems you're planning to root out evil in our fair city?

Momozigo: If so, you'd do well to have me along. With my connections, I can procure the information you're like to need. Then there's the small matter of your complete and utter lack of knowledge of Eorzea.

Musosai: There is that, indeed. Had fate not seen fit to unite us, I never would have found my way here from Fester Bay.

Momozigo: And I wouldn't be standing here breathing! If anyone owes anything, it's me. You saved me from those cutthroat bandits when I tried recruiting them for the Coliseum. Terribly reckless in hindsight...

Momozigo: As for you, my friend─to be marked out by old Musosai himself, you must be made of uncommon stuff indeed. Not to put the pressure on, but I have the highest hopes for you!

Musosai: And here we are, then. I shall undertake my search with Momozigo's help. Until such time as there are developments, pray continue honing your newfound skills.