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Come Rain or Shrine

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Come Rain or Shrine

AST StB quest image1.png
Quest giver
The Pillars (X:15.2, Y:10.0)
Experience 105,000
Gil 2,994
Previous quest
Ride Like the Wind
Next quest
Behind Door Number Two

Jannequinard appears ill. Could it be he is recovering from another long evening at the Forgotten Knight, or is something else disturbing the viscount?

— In-game description





  • According to Jannequinard, Lady Leveva has abandoned her preparations for the astrology symposium to lament the return of Kyokuho to his homeland of Hingashi. He has asked if you cannot help locate her in the Pillars and talk some sense into the young woman.
  • A simple search of the Pillars reunites you with Lady Leveva who, after a winded conversation, bids you safe travels to Kugane where she expects you to overcome some unforeseen disaster to obtain an undetermined amount of knowledge. And hope. Copious amounts of hope.
  • Several kind residents (and some less-than-kind ones) have given you a good idea as to where you might find a good view of the heavens─Tasogare Bridge overlooking the piers.
  • Kyokuho believes that with your astrological expertise, he may be able to mend the weakened bonds maintaining the geomantic barrier that protects the city from attack from supernatural wildlife. He has bid you meet him at the Short Pier's westerly shrine.
  • Despite a few paranormal hiccups in the form of Kinko's restless minions along the way, you and Kyokuho succeed in mending all four of the weakened barrier bonds.
  • The mending, unfortunately, appears to be temporary, and it is only a matter of time before the golden guardian of the forest is back for another attempt at vengeance. If a more permanent solution is to be found, Kyokuho will require your continued support. Visit him and his master back on Kogane Dori.
  • Before you can help Kyokuho lay the geomantic bonds anew, you will need to further strengthen your attunement to the heavens. In other words, train, train, and possibly train some more.