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On the Road Again

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On the Road Again

On the Road Again Image.png
Quest giver
South Shroud (X:21.8, Y:21.3)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestBefore the Dawn
Experience 46,800
Gil 714
Previous quest
Feature QuestRequiem for the Fallen
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Stiff and the Spent

Jehantel would help you rise to greater heights in your art.

— In-game description



  • Jehantel would help you rise to greater heights in your art.
  • Jehantel tells you of his recent endeavors, namely training the members of the Gods' Quiver. By taking an interest in the development of the younger generation, he feels that his songs have gained in power, and believes that yours could, too. If you have a mind to rise to new heights as a bard, accept Jehantel's invitation and go to Quiver's Hold, where you will be introduced to his acquaintance.
  • Arriving at Quiver's Hold, you are introduced to a man named Sanson, a captain of the Order of the Twin Adder. Though he is a lancer by training, Sanson believes in the power of song, and is seeking to establish a new unit which incorporates bards. To his frustration, however, thus far the leaders of the Gods' Quiver have not been amenable to his requests for cooperation. Presently, he will meet with them again, and hopes to sway them with the existence of a legendary song said to hold the power to bring battles to a decisive end: the Ballad of Oblivion. Make your way to the Seat of the First Bow and be present for the meeting.
  • The meeting does not proceed as well as Sanson had hoped. The Gods' Quiver are still unwilling to lend their cooperation, though Lewin allows that he is intrigued by the Ballad of Oblivion. Sanson declares his intent to go on a journey to find this song, but even this endeavor is met with opposition. The leader of the Gold Bull unit─a man who does not think highly of bards─assigns Sanson a trial to test his fitness to embark on his proposed expedition: culling enraged treants in the East Shroud. In this manner, the meeting comes to an end. Speak with Jehantel to hear his thoughts on the trial.
  • Dubious as to whether the Gods' Quiver actually mean to dispatch a bard, Jehantel bids you aid Sanson in the trial. Make your way to the East Shroud and join the serpent captain at Amarissaix's Spire.
  • You arrive to find Sanson on his knees and surrounded by enraged treants. Vanquish the creatures and assist your companion.
  • You defeat the treants and help Sanson to his feet. At that moment, you are almost taken unaware by yet another creature, but before it can do you harm, a mysterious archer appears and puts it down with a barrage of arrows. Introducing himself as Guydelot, the cocksure fellow is revealed to be the bard assigned to your expedition and one of Jehantel's students. Yet in spite of Guydelot's ability, Sanson is unconvinced of his suitability, and makes his displeasure towards the man abundantly clear. Speak with Jehantel to learn what he thinks of this rocky introduction.
  • Jehantel does not mince words: watching over the conflict between Sanson and Guydelot will be a burden upon you. By the same token, however, he believes that the experience will help you to grow as a bard. Make your way back to Quiver's Hold and join Sanson as he reports the success of his trial.
  • With the trial's success, Sanson receives official permission to proceed with the expedition. So it is that your journey to find the Ballad of Oblivion begins. For the first leg, make your way to Ishgard, and rejoin your companions at the Aetheryte Plaza.
  • Upon arriving in Ishgard, Sanson declares that he will begin by making inquiries. He bids you rest and recover your strength, for it will most certainly be called upon as the journey unfolds.
    • ※The next bard quest will be available from Sanson upon reaching level 52.