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The Wages of Mercy

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The Wages of Mercy

Dark Knight HW Quest image2.png
Quest giver
Unflinching Temple Knight
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:12.9, Y:16.1)
Dark Knight
Experience 46,800
Gil 574
Previous quest
Feature QuestOur Answer
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Knight and the Maiden Fair

Shifting uneasily from side to side, the Temple Knight struggles to meet your gaze.

— In-game description


Start the quest by speaking to unflinching Temple Knight in Whitebrim Front.



  • Shifting uneasily from side to side, the Temple Knight struggles to meet your gaze.
  • Apologizing for misjudging your character, the Temple Knight implores you to accompany him to the Behemoth's Dominion, as he has urgent need of one with your skills. Oblige the knight and lend what assistance you can.
  • Away from Whitebrim Front, the Temple Knight reveals his true intentions: to execute you for your crimes against his order. His comrades charge, swords bared, and so you have no choice but to defend yourself. After a brief struggle, you are once more left alone with the knight.
  • Even as he trembles with fear, the Temple Knight remains defiant, swearing to expose you for the abomination you are, even if it costs him his life. In that moment, a tall dark stranger approaches, offering to kill the knight in your stead. Before you can answer, the knight flees, leaving you with the stranger, who names himself Sidurgu, a dark knight who trained with Fray. Intrigued by your potential, he invites you to join him at the Forgotten Knight in Ishgard, where you might continue your conversation.
  • Recounting the story of the first dark knight, Sidurgu stresses that to walk his path is to live forever as an outcast. Presenting you with the sword of the man who tried to murder you, he declares that mercy is wasted on your foes. To further emphasize his point, he tells you of how the first Auri refugees to flee the imperial armies were attacked by Ishgardians, having been mistaken for Dravanians, and that even though the Au Ra showed mercy, the Ishgardians returned and slaughtered them all. As his voice trembles with rage, you take note of the young girl at his side. Though she avoids your gaze, you sense that she is watching you with a curious intensity...
    • ※The next dark knight quest will be available from Sidurgu upon reaching level 52