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X'rhun Tia

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X'rhun Tia

X'rhun Tia.png

Male ♂
Miqo'te (Seeker of the Sun)
Central Thanalan (19.5,20.5)
Quest NPC

X'rhun Tia is a Miqo'te found in Central Thanalan.


Zone Coordinates Level range
Central Thanalan (X:19.5, Y:20.5) 50
Eastern Thanalan (X:11.5, Y:22.0) 52
Western Thanalan (X:11.9, Y:12.8) 54
Western La Noscea (X:27.6, Y:27.6) 56
Western La Noscea (X:27.7, Y:26.0) 58


Starts Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Crimson Duelist Job quest 50 X'rhun Tia
A Rewarding Struggle Job quest 52 X'rhun Tia
Tracking the Cabal Job quest 54 X'rhun Tia
A Vermilion Vendetta Job quest 56 X'rhun Tia
On Lambard's Trail Job quest 58 X'rhun Tia
Stained in Scarlet Job quest 60 X'rhun Tia
The Color of Her Hair Job quest 60 X'rhun Tia
Traced in Blood Job quest 63 X'rhun Tia
Nightkin Job quest 65 X'rhun Tia
Child of Lilith Job quest 68 X'rhun Tia
With Heart and Steel Job quest 70 X'rhun Tia

Involved in Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Taking the Red Job quest 50 Distraught Lass
Succession of Steel Sidequest 80 Arya