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So You Want to Be a Machinist

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So You Want to Be a Machinist

Quest giver
Foundation (X:8.1, Y:10.1)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestBefore the Dawn
Any Disciple of War or Magic Lv. 50
Next quest
Feature QuestSavior of Skysteel

No description available.

— In-game description


So You Want to Be a Machinist is a level 50 quasi-quest. There are no steps to this quest: Talking to the questgiver both accepts and completes the quest. It will immediately unlock Feature QuestSavior of Skysteel.


Speak with Stephanivien and answer "Yes" to his question.


There are no journal entries for this quest.


Stephanivien: Hmmm, my prospectometer seems rather fond of you. Let's see, shall we...? Odd garb. Striking presence. Would I be right in assuming that you are one of those adventurous types?
Stephanivien: Ah, I thought as much! My prospectometer seldom lies! And let me just say, you have made the right choice in visiting our humble workshop.
Stephanivien: Ahem. Welcome to the Skysteel Manufactory, where miracles are born from aether, metal, and imagination!
Stephanivien: From cannons to ballistas, we develop and manufacture a range of weapons designed for slaying dragon invaders. ...But we are also accepting students who wish to take up a firearm and learn the techniques of the machinist!
Stephanivien: What say you? Are you interested in joining us, and exploring the machinist discipline?
Q1: Are you interested in exploring the machinist discipline?
A1: Yes
Stephanivien: You are? Well, of course you are! Otherwise my prospectometer would not have registered your obvious interest!
Stephanivien: Ah. In my excitement, I've neglected to introduce myself. The name's Stephanivien. Stephanivien de Haillenarte. And you are...?
A1: No
Stephanivien: You... No? How odd. I was certain my prospectometer had detected a high level of interest. Come now, you needn't be shy! I shall be here should you surrender to what is obviously your heart's desire!